Suddenly level 61 from level 26 with only 71 knowledge points

The information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

Check your mods. The max level in the base game is 60.


I’ve seen people lvl 61 in official servers.

Greetings Exiles,

For issues with accounts or official servers please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here:

What information that you have provided is helpful for the issue described in the Original Post?

Well, the original post has not really provided any information either :woman_shrugging:

Fair point.
I guess I was going off the limited information provided in the Title, which does not seem to have anything to do with Terms of Conduct or an infraction therof.

edit- @Mayra I did not mean to call you out in a cast shade manor, I am sorry if I came off that way.


If you see any players over level 60 on Official servers, grab screenshots of the Player List, etc and log it via the Zendesk. To be above level 60 on Official is clearly some exploit and, on being reported, will likely result in some kind of Zendesk intervention (likely a ban or three).

So, I filled out the whole post about 3 times and still only ended up with just a heading by the looks of this.

Clearly this forum is as buggy as the game has become.

As the header says I was all of a sudden level 61 from level 26 or so, all the talents were all of a sudden available to me but none of the knowledge points.

I am on an official server so there are no addons allowed as per an official server and if the whole post actually posted it would clearly have shown my dilemma.

If I do get banned for being 61 for no fault of my own, then I guess this will be another game I delete forever.

To iterate I am not reporting anyone for being level 61 but am reporting a bug that has happened to me after restarting my character from removing my bracelet.

Maybe you can tell me why my whole bug report did not post?

And what you posted as a reply is absolutely nothing to do with what I actually posted.

It even says above “the information you have filled out should now be posted below.”

My dilemma is as stated in the header though that I was all of a sudden level 61 from around level 26 and I have no idea how. I did just complete one of the journey steps not sure which one now.

The bug gave me all my talent points but no Knowledge points so I am stuck at 71 Knowledge points and cannot get any further progress.

Really do not want to restart again and I need to know this won’t happen again.

You should write in zendesk so they can look directly into your account, see what you did that caused your character to break and maybe they can as well fix it for you.

And i usually just copy the bug report form from others, coz its weird :slight_smile:

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