Lost all levels - was reset to lvl 1 then back to 60

Game mode: Online | official server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Logged in, and appeared as lvl 1 at the noob-beach. Did not get to create new character, was just reset to lvl 1! All gear gone. Last session was approx 3 hours before, was lvl 60. Logged off in my secure base. At the guild tab, I was registred at lvl 60. I restarted game, and logged in a second time, and now I’m at the same beach as lvl 60, and the event log showed all my gear had decayed

  1. Login
  2. Load game
  3. log into server
  4. Went to get a beer while loading, came back to me as lvl 1 at the noob-beach, and the game had crashed - screen freezed. Sendt bug report to Funcom
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That really sucks man, losing all your item progress outta nowhere. Unfortunately i can’t provide any solution to this, but out of curiosity, did you also lose learned recipes/feats?

thx Skillo!

I logged back in after 10 min, and was lvl 60 again…still on the beach. All gear is lost, but at least I don’t have to grind all the lvl’s again!

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ooooh now i get it.

I would guess that you might have died to temperature changes or a random mob passing my.

Decayed gear can happen when your corpse despawns, which would mean that your character (for whathever the reason) died.

That is, assuming that your body stays in the game after you log out. That changes with each server. But the fact that you showed up as level 1 at some point, i can’t find any explanation for that :confused:

No mobs can enter my base, temp is always temperate. Nor was I hungry or thirsty

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