Forsaken Realms RP-PVP Driven Server 18+

Darkness. The sounds of wind and the stinging of sand meeting flesh, starting to break through the darkness of her mind. Light starts to break through as eyes flutter open, a blurred world around her as she attempts to pull her arms away from their uncomfortable angles and yet she is stopped, the feeling of harsh rope bindings instantly making her remember just where she was. Crimes were never left unpunished; it did not matter if they were true or false anymore. The way of life had seemed to change and now, so many were turned to the Exiled lands… Lalu another casualty. Crying out, her dry throat barely able to muster up sound as her heavy head fell forward and stared to the earth below the cross on which she was restrained. Hope all but lost, Lalu knew this is where she would die… until the sight of feet appeared before her and the shining of metal finally registered as a sword. Slowly lifting her deep green eyes she peered to the man before her. A mountain of a man, muscles bulging and flesh showing distinct markings of a person who had been through hell and back. As his dark black eyes burrowed in on her own, she could feel him seeking through her very soul just as he spoke. “Do you wish to die as others have, or do you wish to face the harsh world of the Exiled lands and reclaim a life that was taken from you?” Who could say where she strength suddenly came but her eyes would narrow, memories flashing of her false conviction and anger ran through her blood now. Cracked lips would turn upward, into a wicked grin before Lalu spoke, “I wish to live.” And like lightning, the sword swung twice, a quick repetition which resulted in her falling to her hands and knees upon the sands. Upon her wrist a bracelet which condemned her to the unknown landscape of these lands. There was no turning back now as she rose, turning from the cross which she had come from and looked upon her new reality with a sense of fear and excitement all wrapped into one. This was her time and she would not allow the dangers of the Exiled Lands to control her like her past had. Stepping up to the man whom had freed her, both staring ahead. “There is no going back girl, you must be brave, and you must survive. There are beasts which will hunt you for sport and men who would try to collect you as a slave. You must run, fight, kill and deceive if you wish to take control of your life once more. Survival is only made out for the fittest; will you be one of the survivors?”

The world of Conan Exiles is one that is filled with so many unknown variables and many potential plot twists. Do you wish to rp in a world where fear is your compass and only the most resourceful will prevail? The possibilities are endless; all you need do is join the darkness that teases at the back of your mind. We seek to bring in new rpers who want to expand their rp skills with like minded players in a RP-PVP server where you control the fate of your character with every action you take.

Do you thirst for adventure in the exiled lands? Do you seek companionship and comradery, or are you searching for a worthy opponent to test your mettle? Join the Forsaken Realms server for an immersive, roleplay driven community of helpful and friendly players. We’re looking for more RP oriented players with an interest in building the setting with us through regular play and events.

Dedicated Server
x2 Exp Rate
x2 Gather Rate
Discord Server:

Sexiles, Immersive Sexiles Extensions, Warrior Mutator, Pippi, open to suggestions from active players

New Players** We’re offering starter kits to get you going in the game. Just type /kit in the chat box and you’ll find some free kits to get started with. You’re also given 5 pippi gold to start with and that can be used on any of the other kits as well.

Character Transfers** If you’re coming from another server, let us know what level you were and we can boost you to that level here to help with the grind. We can also supplement the gold you had if your other server used pippi.

Referral Rewards** If you bring a friend to the server, have them post a screenshot of their character in game and mention you as their referral source, then the admins will grant you 10 pippi gold which can be used on kits, pippijack tables, and market day vendors.

Server Lore:

The years have not been easy on the exiled lands. Only the remains of a once great civilization serve to cast a glance at the true origins of the cursed place.

Stones scattered around the lands echo the voices of a forgotten age, reminding all those banished here of the harrowing fate that awaits them.

Their connection to the gods weakened, even the most talented sorcerors are unable to break free. There are rumors of people removing their bracelets and escaping, but none such proof.

In lands where happiness is in short supply, and life hangs in the balance, there is one ray of hope.

Through the sandstorms, hyenas, dragons, and undead, a select few of these tragic souls have taken it upon themselves to band together against all odds, and restore civilized culture to these lands. Against the purges, the demons, and the corruption, these strong, determined people forge their own paths and seek to free the entirety of the exiled lands by searching endlessly for a way to take own the cursed wall that keeps them all trapped inside.

Screenshots from our first event pit fights! Congrats to Carath, Champion of the Cage!

A rumor has been spreading like wildfire across the exiled lands. Talk of a clan rising up against the unity that many seek. One brave soul has come forward to meet with you, at risk of his own life, and divulge the location of their stronghold.

The Blades are said to be amassing an army in secret. With few new exiles around, they’ve become desperate, taking anyone they can get their hands on. There is even talk of some ‘secret weapon’ in their possession.

Are you prepared to risk it all and take down these rats? Strike them before they strike us!

Where: Meet up at the Spillway Tavern, then a GM will escort you to the location after a brief introductory rp
When: 8PM EST Saturday Sept. 1st
Who: Anyone interested in blowing up buildings, kicking butt, and taking names! Mostly kicking butt