[PC] [NA] [RP-PVP] Forsaken Realms 18+ | Recruiting New Players!

Server Lore:

The years have not been easy on the exiled lands. Only the remains of a once great civilization serve to cast a glance at the true origins of the cursed place.

Stones scattered around the lands echo the voices of a forgotten age, reminding all those banished here of the harrowing fate that awaits them.

Their connection to the gods weakened, even the most talented sorcerors are unable to break free. There are rumors of people removing their bracelets and escaping, but none such proof.

In lands where happiness is in short supply, and life hangs in the balance, there is one ray of hope.

Through the sandstorms, hyenas, dragons, and undead, a select few of these tragic souls have taken it upon themselves to band together against all odds, and restore civilized culture to these lands. Against the purges, the demons, and the corruption, these strong, determined people forge their own paths and seek to free the entirety of the exiled lands by searching endlessly for a way to take own the cursed wall that keeps them all trapped inside.

Forsaken Realms is looking for adventurous RP driven players to with an interest in helping a new server grow and thrive! Server is prepaid for up to 6 months and actively recruiting for weekly and monthly events.

The goal of our server lore is to foster a growing community within the exiled lands. We welcome friendly, enthusiastic players, both new and old, to create heroes, villains, warriors, and anything you can think of within the confines of Conan Lore.

Check us out for more info! We’d love to have you: discord.gg/SpAU9xN

Congrats to Carath, Champion of the Cage! First winner of the Market Day Event Brawls

A rumor has been spreading like wildfire across the exiled lands. Talk of a clan rising up against the unity that many seek. One brave soul has come forward to meet with you, at risk of his own life, and divulge the location of their stronghold.

The Blades are said to be amassing an army in secret. With few new exiles around, they’ve become desperate, taking anyone they can get their hands on. There is even talk of some ‘secret weapon’ in their possession.

Are you prepared to risk it all and take down these rats? Strike them before they strike us!

Where: Meet up at the Spillway Tavern, then a GM will escort you to the location after a brief introductory rp
When: 8PM EST Saturday Sept. 1st
Who: Anyone interested in blowing up buildings, kicking butt, and taking names! Mostly kicking butt

Join our Discord for more information!

Forsaken’s Run

Above Priest King’s Retreat and Boundary Spillway sits a plateaue upon which a city is being built. This city of exiles known as the Forsaken, aims to promote unity and togetherness in an otherwise divided land.

But one, or even two clans can’t build a city alone!

Forsaken’s Run is a place for everyone. Thus, you’re invited to come and fill any of the various roles one might expect in a city.

Some examples:

Town drunk
Secret criminal
Obvious criminal

These are just a few sample roles, if you think of something not listed, we invite you to explore as many options as you’d like! If you’re not sure, as me or one of the other admins! Feel free to get feedback from the other players as well. Dedicate yourself to a profession or a role, and find rp with others who do the same!

You’ll be able to build your own shop/home in the city limits to expand and increase the population, which means more presence in one place for RP! If you’ve already got a house elsewhere, we invite you to relocate, or create an ‘outpost’ in the city, where you can ‘work’ out of.

We’ve just merged with another server and increased our player base! Come join us for fun, rp, and new friends