PC: Forgotten Realms [18+ RP-PvP]

The Exiled Lands, undoubtedly the most aggressive and dangerous location known in the current era, a place used to throw all the criminals and unlucky men and women that decided to cross the wrong person…

But where others saw a hole for the damned, one of the Stygian sorcerer-kings saw opportunity, sending one of his many sons to the exiled lands as a test of his abilities, “Conquer or Perish”. His son, Kyros gathered his wives and started his quest.

Kyros knew that conquering the Exiled Lands with brute force would be possible but taxing, dangerous and would take years, so he decided another approach, instead of conquering with regular military warfare he decided to increase his own influence without the brute warlords eyes on him, with technology and commerce.

At first many tribal leaders treated him as a common merchant, then he was raised to a valuable merchant with weird but effective and unique goods, until a year later, every clan leader didn’t dare to look him in the eyes anymore, because now every clan developed needs for his technology and products, and as long as Kyros expelled one of the clans from his trading routes, that clan would never be able to contend against the others anymore.

And just like that, kings and queens from the Exiled Lands bowed to this foreign organization, the crownless ruler of the Exiled Lands.

Here is where you can find our city.

Visit the River City… Here you will find:

The Black Market

What do you have to exchange? What knowledge do you seek? The black market of Khas Khemi has vendors of all sorts, plus a Dark Dealer who will accept your trade and hear your requests. He has two lovely assistants, one of which deals with what the black market does not… For example, Stygian amulets and other magical goods.

The Market

If you’re looking for produce, animals or furniture head to the market where many vendors sell their goods. The bustling area is rich with music and is close to the South gate. Which if you go through, will lead you to the…

Red Lace Palace Bathhouse and Brothel

Run by Madame Amira, the Red Lace Palace is a rich bathhouse and brothel with a lounge to relax in while watching the dancers before you head to the steamy bath or a VIP room. Outside on the balcony is a sitting area with a beautiful view of the river.

Beyond Khas Khemi

There are many people living in Khas Khemi and the population is growing (even you can have a house in the city), but even those people have houses, mead halls and more past the city’s gates. Venture out… Explore… Make a name for yourself.

OOC we’re a friendly bunch with a habit of talking a lot and helping each other! We use the mod Pippi for text RP and chatting. We have, at the moment, sixteen mods in place for quality RP. Including sorcery that falls within Conan’s lore. Our server has been around for about a month and a half, with an active Discord and about 10-20 players online during peak times.

Discord: https://discord.gg/MrSHbeY
CERP Thread: https://conanexilesrp.enjin.com/forum/m/36502369/viewthread/32981623-forgotten-realms-18-rppvp


XP rate: 3X
Gathering Rate: 2X
Day/Night Ratio: 0.5
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.6 idle / 0.8 active for Hunger and 0.6 idle / 0.8 active for Thirst
Drop Equipment on Death: Yes
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
The Purge Activated: Yes
Peak Play Times: 2 PM EST - 7 AM EST

Mods used by this server:

☼ Pippi
☼ Exiles Extreme
☼ Exiles Extreme Admin Patch
☼ Shadow of Skelos
☼ RP Aesthetics
☼ Emberlight
☼ Savage Steel
☼ IMMERSE RP: Buildings & Placeables Decor
☼ Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
☼ Conan Sexiles
☼ Roleplay 1.8.1
☼ Immersive Armor
☼ Stygian Building Kit
☼ Dudes Delightful Decorations
☼ Exiled Lands Placebles
☼ Less Building Placebles Restrictions
☼ Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal - Admin Patch
☼ River Boats of the Exiled Lands
☼ Sorcery and Superclasses -Admin only Version-

You can easily find them all in a collection here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1939964819

If there’s anything you’d like to know, contact me here, on Discord (SukebanA#8854) or on Steam (see the collection link above) and I’ll be glad to answer your questions!

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A small update! We’re now a voice and text based RP-PvP server. We’ve noticed that CE can be a little wonky with voice for some people and we want everyone to feel welcome and enjoy their time with us!

And on that note, we also added a great RP mod (Pippi). Come join us!

The server is growing! It’s still just beginning, but people are moving in, making their houses and soon, making a name for themselves. Come join them!

Also, we now have a bathhouse for anyone who wants to come and take a relaxing soak after a hard day of work.

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Edited the first post a bit to include more information!

We’ve had 20 people join our server! It’s really great getting to know everyone, from our resident lore nerd to brand new players. I’m looking forward to meeting more great people from the Conan community, so feel free to stop in! Even if Forgotten Realms doesn’t become your main server, it’d be nice to see even more faces in the city and beyond.

We now have a trading post! Kyros made this this evening. Come by and see what we have…!

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Added some new information about our River City, did a little formatting, added the mod Roleplay and more!

Added a little extra sorcery to the game with Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal! We have rules in place for sorcerers, as they will be very rare and we have a lot of RP surrounding sorcery being learned. If taking the time and making the effort to use magic is something you’re into, check us out!

Added some new pictures, updated the specifics and mod list too!

We have a higher player capacity now and more RAM!

The Red Lace Palace Bathhouse is almost ready for opening night!

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We’re a month old! \o/ Though we’ve only been recruiting for about two weeks now. The first two weeks were spent testing mods, updating mods after mounts were added and changing to a muuuuch better service provider than our last one. :smiley: I’m so proud of how far our server has come so far. People are still arriving and getting set up, so there’s plenty of room for new members. Don’t be shy, join us today!

I updated the first post with a lot of information about how we’re making the river city mod into something really entertaining for our players! I also added some more pictures and updated some information about how long we’ve been around, etc.

We added three (well technically four with the admin patch) new mods!

Exiles Extreme. This one has a lot of stuff we’re not using because it’s not lore friendly. Kyros will be adding a vendor with the stuff we are using!

Immersive Armors. This one is a very new mod and it’s fantastic. You can even have a back or hip quiver! Here’s my character, Amira, with a new chest piece and quiver.

Dudes Delightful Decorations is also new and adds SO MANY GREAT PLACEABLES!! There’s something for… Medieval decorating, pirate decorating and magical decorating.

In addition to mods, we also have A LOT MORE RAM! To make everything run as smooth as possible.

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I’m so proud of our server! We’re really growing. We have the black market in the South, a mead hall in the North and a tavern in-between. Horse traders. Sorcery, Vampirism and Shamanism. (More on that in a moment!) Our Discord is full of people and a lot of fun (the next person to join will be our 75th member!) and our server has about 10-20 people on during peak times. And we’re just getting close to being one and a half months old! I see this server growing bigger and better everyday and I hope that you check us out. :blush: OOC we’re friendly and helpful… IC ehhhh, maybe not so much friendly and helpful as interesting and manipulating. But you know, details.

On the subject of Sorcery, Vampirism and Shamanism. This is handled as close to Conan lore as possible. You won’t find fantasy creatures here or anything that will break your Conan immersion. Everything is handled IC, as well, so even finding out information is handled via RP. It’s something to seek out, be secretive about and advance in. I love everything on this server, but this part really interests me because Conan lore is so rich.

Anyway, that’s my little update on our server. Until next time!

The Red Lace Palace Bathhouse and Brothel was remodeled! The old location was a bit laggy, so Kyros decided on this one. It’s still located in Khas Khemi, so the river city will still benefit from the relaxation found within the red walls.

I mentioned not long ago that we have about 10-20 people on during peak times. That’s changed from “peak times” to most of the time! Our server is also growing… a lot.

Kyros, Reshi and I make sure that we’re on as much as we can be. As Admin and moderators, we also want to be part of the community and have people feel comfortable coming to us. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that this is different from their old servers, or that they were worried about bothering us with a question.

Our job isn’t just to check the server and make sure everyone is following the codex, it’s also to make people feel welcome, answer any questions they have and provide RP for them when they come to the black market.

This might sound a bit boastful, but if you’re looking for a server where there the Admin and or Moderators are always present and there to help, consider joining Forgotten Realms! :smiley:

Just a little midweek bump! Come join our Discord and server and say hello! :grin:

Our server is growing more and more! We have 105 people on our Discord and many of them check in daily to see what’s happening in our version of the Exiled Lands.

Speaking of our version, it’s very fitting to the lore. One of my favorite things to do is read the Conan RPG books and find out more… a lot more… about the world we live in.

Whether it’s my old Stygian magic, the sorcery taught behind locked doors, the worship of old Norse gods or simply just people living their every day lives… We keep everything as lore-friendly as possible. Want to know more? Come join us! :smiley:

We’ve been growing so much that we’re even climbing on BattleMetrics! I’m so happy about that, but most of all, I’m happy to see a lot of people enjoying our server. :smiley: Being a mod, one of my biggest joys is knowing that Forgotten Realms is the home to so many characters and their stories.

Come join us and start yours!