FPS drop near large buildings

Hello! This question is referred to people who loves to create massive or detailed buildings.

My current hardware is Intel Core i7 6700K, Nvidia RTX 2060s, 16 gb DDR4, SSD both for OS and game, ultra graphic settings. During exploration, I have solid 60 FPS, no freezes at all. But in my small village my frame rate drops to 25-30, same happens when I encounter large buildings. I have seen videos people creating castles, towns, and there are no lags. I don’t believe my PC doesn’t meet ultra requirements and I don’t want to lower graphics without reason. Any idea how to deal with that drop?

I have installed QuickCPU programm, I have the game on SSD in M.2 port, my graphic card boosts to 1900 mhz, I really don’t understand what’s the problem. Here is the screenshot with an example where my FPS dropped to 27.


Can’t help with your problem but, damn, that’s a nice-looking, picturesque, build!

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If you play on server, the information from the server may be the reason. Your computer is keeping up, but communication from server may be slow. Either by your ISP or bandwidth issues with the server.

That looks gorgeous!

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