Do all buildings eat up that much fps?

Played with someone else for the first time today, a friend invited me to his local SP save.

The moment I swing my view towards his base / project, my framerate drops at least 7-8 frames. Depending on what’s in view, I would get 45-60 in the game but looking at the screenshot below, I drop to 37.

View causing the fps drop:

I escaped Ark primarily because of its horrible technical issues and I’m a little scared about Conan after seeing this. The base is not particularly huge and does not have a ton of polygons or building pieces in sight. The interior hidden behind the spiked walls is spacious and has a lot of stuff and thralls in it but this is all out of view and (hopefully) not being rendered here.

Am I right in thinking the construction update only improved the time buildings take to load in but performance in and around somewhat larger structures is still problematic?

I’m playing on an i5 3470, 3.2 / 3.6 ghz, 8GB ram, RX 570 4GB, at 1080p using the ingame High preset.

Hi, it sounds more likely in Co-Op mode, that his PC is struggling to host for two users.
Two users means his PC has to compute what’s around 2 people and what they see.
On official or unoffical servers you should be fine.
I know nothing about the RX 570 though.

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Roughly equivalent to a GTX 1060, better than the 3gb version and worse than the 6gb obviously! :smiley:

Are you scared of the numbers you see?

Your specs are fine, and you wont have any trubble in-game rolling that setup.

In my opinion there are way to much talk about fps, fps allways differ and will allways do so.

My fps vary from 45-75 and i dont care as long as my experience feel fluid, and it does.
When a lot of things happen at the same time on-screen you will allways see a drop in fps, this is the same when entering a new area with massive buildings that needs to load, thats how these games work.
A Live movie is at 23,96 fps and you dont se any flicker at the movies do you?
If your lowest fps is 37 it means you have a lot of headroom and fps will not be a problem for you.

The point is that if you se screen tare or flicker it may wery well be some lag issues on a wifi net or co-op on a weak machine.
A gfx card with heat issues will also give the same result, but i dont suspect that you have any of those issues, you are just “scared” when you check your fps?

Fps is not the sollution to any of those problems.

Test it in singleplayer, build a massive base and you will see that yes, it may take time to load, id say 1-2 sec, and after this it usually runs fine.

Conan Exiles did have some problems in the start, but the game have been stable and running totally fine for a long time now.

Regarding co-op it will have performance issues, allways start the game on the best machine, but dont expect that to run totally fluid as mentioned above.
When hosting a server and playing on the same pc it will of course use a lot of memory and bandwith, so use the best pc and connect it via ethernet if possible, this because of the stability on ethernet compared to the so much used wifi these days.

Just my 2 cents, good luck

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I am not scared, the picture gets very visibly choppy and stuttery when you get into sub-40 territory. :smiley:

Count yourself lucky. This is the only game I own out dozens that stutters all the time and all over the map. It happens to everyone I play it with across varying hardware. Some people don’t experience the issue at all, but many have. It started for us with the huge update two weeks prior to the official release and we’ve barely played since. Funcom can’t seem to figure it out and fix it. All I know is it’s not our computers. We’ve checked and re-checked them, we all own mid to high end rigs, and we’ve tried all the suggestions we could find on the matter to no avail.

I do get occasional stutters but I imagine this has to do with map chunks and assets loading in, happens only once in a while and it’s not a flat frame drop, rather micro-freezes while FPS stays relatively high.

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