FPS Problems sind the mega Graphic Update

Hey guys… i have a realy bad problem.
Since the mega graphic update in Conan.

My FPS drops down to 15fps in my little home. On my Server no mods.

my Settings

64gb Ram
GTX 3070 with 24gb Ram.

have anyone an idea… i have found many thinbgs… but nothing would be work.
im at end with my ideas.

Which one was the mega graphics update?

Also: what is a Gtx 3070? Especially with 24GB memory?
And the I990K? Is it I9 9900K?

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Sorry i mean RTX 3090… and I9 9900k… thats right now -.-
i was little tired on open the thread.
i have problems since the big patch (overhaul) at end last last year…

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which one is that?

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