Free - albeit infrequent - Blade chi


Being one of the few loons who actually uses the underwhelming Blade weapon to dps, I’ve had the chance to notice some odd interactions with the weapon in terms of Chi gain.

Occasionally DoT effects from other weapons seem to proc Chi for a Blade. I only noticed because on the rare occasions where I wasn’t swording something while in combat, I would still rarely gain a chi point now and again. I have only observed this with DoTs from Shotgun’s Dragon’s Breath or Crystallized Blade with Elementalism, but it might occur for other weapons such as Blood.

(This has NOT been tested extensively.)

Using a Razor’s Edge with a 50% chance to gain chi on crits could account for this, but I haven’t tested with a different Blade to see if it is the weapon proc like I suspect. Talking to other Blade users, nobody has experienced or noticed a similar occurrence.
It could also be an effect of my stacking hit proc passives - Storm Surge and Resonance - but I know others that use similar passive sets and have never observed this.

I’m not sure, exactly, how much “free” chi might be gained this way, but it’s not much. Certainly not enough to overcome sporadic RNGeesus chi droughts, but it’s worth noting.

(Also… Funcom, please let Blade do decent dps. I dunno why you hate us so much - Blade skills are so underwhelming compared to other weapons in almost every respect; 2 energy gained to 4+ and a shoddy gimmick boost, Elites barely worth running… We’ve got the highest hitting Basic, and that’s about it - a very dubious distinction.)