FREE Scenario Chest Weekend

What does “FREE Scenario Chest Weekend” even mean? Are scenarios missions? Dungeons? \o/

Help a newbie out!

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Scenarios are a kind of solo or multiplayer activity you can do. I’m at work so this is from memory, but pressing shift+v should bring up the Group Finder, which lets you queue for dungeons, raids, PvP and Scenarios (tick the checkboxes to select your choices, then confirm with the blue? [Edit: white] button at the bottom right of the window).

Scenarios are lvl 50 content, of varying difficulty, which, if the objectives are met, grant a chest at the end (a physical object in the world you interact with - it’s central, glowy and hard to miss) that can be opened for phat lewt (useful for gear progression, and rarely you can get cool things too). You get so many Scenario keys per day, after which if you want to open the chests at the end of the scenarios, you have to pay MoFs. During the event, you don’t have a limit on the number of keys available, and so won’t need to pay MoFs to keep doing them.

You can see how many keys you have by opening your Wallet (might be a button at the bottom of your inventory?)

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Thank you kindly, Perstyr.