I've never received Dungeon, Scenario or Lair Keys

I have read on these forums and other public spaces that my f2p character is supposed to receive 10 dungeon keys a day, but since I have started playing this game, I haven’t receive a single one. When I open the Timers window, the key section just has a red “0/0” next to the Dungeon Keys, Scenario Leys and Lair Keys. I can’t even buy more keys in the chest interface at the end of a Dungeon. I don’t understand what’s happening or if I’m doing something wrong.

Hi, apaturtle. We do not receive dungeon keys at all anymore. You can open as many as you want without keys! They are all free to open, no more paying mof.

Now, if you are a patron, you get to open one special patron chest for every area a day (Dungeon, Lairs, Scenarios). This change happened in September.

You no longer have to worry about keys as f2p, just go in and open them all.

That’s outdated information, you used to require a key for every chest in the dungeon/lair/scenario and patrons got more keys than free players. Since the last patch, dungeon/lair/scenario chests are free for everyone to open and there are special patron-only chests that require those keys.

For completeness I’ll add that the new patron keys do not stack, you only get one of each per day, and they are replenished at daily challenges reset time.