Freezing at the title

Is there some kind of update due or something? I’ve been trying to log in today for the last twenty minutes and can’t even get past the initial story screen to even try to log in. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice since followers 2, which completely broke the game on console, especially Xbox. It’s bad enough to deal with the constant corruption detected message every day. Nevermind the fact that I think now because of what y’all did is actually true now. As a obviously there’s some kind of corruption within the game itself now. So I wonder if Funcom is going to refund server renters their money? After all we pay y’all exorbitant amounts in hopes of getting a working product, which you guys continue to thumb your nose at everyone non PC. If we can’t even play the game, definitely think a mass refund is owed. Otherwise it’s flagrant false advertising. Or alternatively finally fix the bloody game for us on console. And actually fix it. Not further breaking it. Otherwise I see much the same happening for the new game itself. How many more players must you lose before you act Funcom?

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