Game currently unplayable



It is now, near impossible to log in to the server I play on. Within twenty seconds of my character appearing. I am dashboarded. To describe how bad the reputation this game has received over the poor management and programming. It was recently mentioned that,” Despite CE and Funcoms short commings. At least they didn’t make it a mobile game”.
I had high hopes for this game in the beginning. But I have come to realize, nothing good can come from a pre-release game. Funcom has done a masterful job ,however, flooding the reviews with false praise. Sadly, none were fooled as publication after publication reports on the utter failure that is CE.
I do have to give credit to the department responsible for the cosmetics of the game. It is visually beautiful. But sadly, that is where the true praise ends.
There will be a string of uninformed and hatful replies to this post. They are as unimportant as the gamers are to funcom. A good number of them will likely come from employees ment to seem like the actual community itself. This is a common practice. If you are one of the lucky few( a very small percentage) who have littl to no troubles with this game. Kudos to you.


I Think you have to Contact the suport to fix the problem, you know most players are able to log in so can you explain more exact whats happen and are tehy any error meseges?


Good Morning @JHowlett

Can you let me know what platform you are playing on? Since you mention Dashboarding, are you playing on Xbox?


I play on xbox 1 . This is a persistent problem. No error messages. I have tried several different methods to remedy the issue. This has been an issue in the past that has returned. It did not start until after the content patch. The only thing I have not tried is reinstalling the game. Since these issues persist, if that is my only option. I will not reinstall. It is not worth the effort.


Go into single player offline mode. Once it loads you in exit and go back to online servers, this actually will fix your dashboard issue


Thnx for the heads up. Spending a half hour to try and log in was getting incredibly stupid.


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