[French Version] Voices and subtitles absent in Venice Sinking

I write about a bug that I have just one time because we can have this bug just one time.
Recently, I have watching french streams and I see that this people have no voice and no subtitles during Venice SInking.

This bug appaear during the timeline of narrative mission because if I replay the mission Arturo have voice and subtitle. In my case with Richard Sonnac, this last have no voice and no subtitle but as we can see in the video below, Bong Cha hasn’t this problem. For illuminati, sorry I don’t know.

The first video with dragon

Regardez [FR] Black-kill et le mystère Orochi de delhorus sur www.twitch.tv

Watch the case with Richard. Some comentaries in this video, sorry. If you go a little bit before with the certification mission to go to Tokyo by beating Flappy in the simulator, the cutscenes are normal.

Regardez Enfin le Japon?? de YukaLoL sur www.twitch.tv