🎆 Fresh Server! (28th Feb) - EU/NA - PVP - NoWipes - NoGods - EXP 4x - Harvest 3x -

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for people to enjoy this brilliant game with.
Got a fresh 40 Slot Server waiting for you.

  • Experience Rate 4x
  • Thirst + Hunger 0,5x
  • Item Durability 1,3x
  • Harvesting 3x
  • Resource Respawn Time 0,7x
  • Crafting time 0,5
  • Thrall + Animal developing time 0,5

If you have any suggestions for mods etc. just let me know.

The Server has got 40 Slots and is ready. Just waiting for you guys.

Update: We have around 15 active players now.

Server IP

If you’d like to join via Steam: steam://connect/

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/Q7NHQak