Fresh server PvP Madness Starter Packs 5x xp 8x Harvest 40 slot

New server called !PvP Madness! Boosted Starter Packs
Server IP
Harvest Multiplier 8.0
Experience Multiplier 5.0
Thrall Conversion Multipler 0.2
Item Conversion Multiplier 0.1
Idle Thirst/Hunger 0.5
PvP Building Damage On
Weekdays 17:00-23:00
Weekends 11:30-00:00
Durability Multiplier 0.5
Max Clan Size 10

Will be hosting events such as arena tournaments when server becomes more populated. There are no rules so you are free to your own devices no RP is required.

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What’s the server name?

The server name is Conan and Chill