Fresh Server - Shattered Kingdoms PVP - Kingdoms [PC] [Modded]

Shattered Kingdoms is the perfectly crafted Casual PVP experience. Our admin team knows best that Conan can be a highly demanding game that takes up too much time just to be able to compete on some of the faster paced PVP servers. This makes the game challenging for the more casual player to really enjoy some of the best aspects of the game. In a coordinated effort to cater more to this player base, Shatter Kingdoms was developed for this purpose. We offer an entirely PVP environment where RP is NOT REQUIRED, but is rewarded through world events and player quests created by the admin team. With the features listed below you will be able conquer and establish a Kingdom of your own.


  • No offline raiding
  • 3x harvest
  • 2x XP
  • No Gods
  • Kingdom system
  • World Events
  • Exiled Lands
  • Eldarium boss drops
  • PVE town
  • PIPPI economy


  1. Pippi
  2. Savage Steel
  3. Savage Steel Vol 2
  4. Immerse RP: Placeable decor
  5. RA: Character customization
  6. Immersive armor
  7. Stoja’s warpaints
  8. Velox-Tattoos
  9. Fashionist
  10. Stacksizes +
  11. Faster Elevators
  12. Improved Quality of Life

What is the Kingdom system? The server is divided up into different regions (as shown on this map on discord). If you live in a region, you can claim capital in that region if you meet the specific in game requirements outlined in the discord. Ruling a Kingdom comes with many perks, such as being a part of the council, being able to create laws for your region, less building restrictions on the number of bases you can have. All of this is up to you to enforce as a player.

Come conquer your kingdom! Hope to see you there!

To learn more about this server, join the discord: