Shattered Kingdoms [RP] Pve-Conflict (Ps4)

Hello, we are looking for mature players to populate and grow the community on the server. The settings on the server are set up like how an official pve-Conflict server would be. If you don’t know what that is, it means that Pvp structure damage is off at all times normally. So you can build and put a little hard work into a base without worry of it getting blown up! However you can still be killed in the open world by other players. The Rp is set up so you can choose your own theme and background for your character and your Kingdom (If you wish to try and establish one).

simply mssg bloodorchid95 on psn for the code to our discord channel for all the needed info for the RP and server.

server rules

  1. no land claim harrassment
  2. no blocking boss area’s & major npc’s
  3. be respectful and clean up after yourself
  4. no blocking off access to major landmarks

server stats info

  • 2x Harvest
  • 4x kill and general exp gain
  • Thralls train 50% faster
  • Crafting speeds 30% faster
  • Health and stamina boosted 2x
  • Food and water drain reduced
  • Stamina drain reduced
  • Player movement and sprint speed slightly increased
  • Pvp structure Damage off
  • Fuel burn time increased by 2x
  • spoil rate reduced
  • Discord channel is needed for server text chat and knowing the rules

bump, more ppl starting to join and build hurry and claim your spots while you can!

Love the server, but some times it doesn’t show in the search even when favorited, server updates maybe?

i’m not sure why but sometimes it just takes a min for the server to load in the list but i assure you its up 24/7 except for the daily restart and when gportal does their own updates

bump still looking for more players to populate the server it can take a min for the server to show up in the list but its up 24/7!

Enjoying the server. Good amount of people on at any given time. The crafting speed still feels slow to me lol

haha thanks i just bumped the crafting speed a tad bit more today so hopefully it feels better! i also added more slots to the server.

bump, the server has been switched to pve, so everyone can build their amazing bases without worry! start building and show your awesome building skills.

I’ve had a great time on this server! Friendly people and lots of activity. Thanks for hosting!

bump, server is open to public again for awhile!

bump, still looking fpr ppl to settle down in the established Kingdoms!