Freshly killed NPCs disappear immediately, occasionally

Game mode Online private and Single-player
Type of issue Bug
Server type: PvE
Region North America
Version 196231/23625

In addition to excessive stuttering and occasional rubber-banding, I’ve been slaughtering many NPCs in the game. Approaching 5 to 10% of the time, the character who was just killed will disappear from the world, as they transition to alive, to blood-splatter and body parts. The next step taken by the game is the loot calculation, and I believe it is during this transition that the game glitches and fails to even place the corpse elements into the visual world.

This is exacerbated if you move past the NPC who was just killed to attack a secondary target. It’s almost as if leaving your field of view can cause this to occur more frequently.

I have seen different issues where the NPC just becomes invisible, and is able to be located.

This report is about when NPCs are no longer able to be located, via scouring the area they last were seen, right after their demise.

If someone actually gets around to exploring this issue, I would not try to reproduce it on a 16GB fully SSD based system, but rather an 8GB, HDD install, running on Win 10, with no other programs open, other than Steam and File Explorer, possibly Task Manager. 1050 TI (4GB VRAM) .These specs exceed the minimum reqs.

As per usual, the issue will probably be acknowledged, then allowed to expire after 7 days, never to be revisited. Not a good way to track bugs. They should remain open until confirmed, fixed or closed due to irrelevancy or lack of interest.

This is a Mod-Free PvE server.

I already have observed that the game runs better when all non-essential programs are closed. There is a ton of disk access involved, including pagefile r/w and asset accesses.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Load the game.
  • Join an online dedicated session with low ping.
  • Wait for the client to load all assets, usually takes a few minutes to get performance that is acceptable.
  • Run around the world for a while (more than 10 minutes, but less than 5 hours)
  • Encounter a populated area like The Black Galleon, The Summoning Place, Sinner’s Refuge. You can still see this exhibit in a 2 person Exile village, though.
  • Start killing NPCs
  • Move past enemies as you kill them. Then turn around a few seconds later.
  • Verify that each body dies as expected and generates a corpse (loot or no loot).
  • Repeat this process.
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