Friend can‘t play due to lag on PS4 private server

So we‘ve been playing on a private server for a few weeks. One friend of mine took a 2 week break and is basically unable to play upon his return. He can load the game and log on, but it seems he has terrible lag. Structures are not loading, rubberbanding, and his floating character on stairs. Also he cannot build on some existing structures as they will not load on his side. We can see his character running around normally. Our base is not huge, but has all the crafting tables, couple thralls, so part of the lag surely comes from a finished base with lots of assets to load . I myself have the typical lag when checking chests, but can play fine otherwise.

Does anybody have ideas what to try to fix this or what the problem could be?

We have had the admin restart the server, he reinstalled the game also, no effect. Thanks for sharing any experience you have made.

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