Major Lag on #3829

Im kinda new to PS4 version of Conan but lag is so bad today… Took 45 min to load things in my base, could not even get water to drink died a few times in my base because of that. Then for next half hour I kept dropping from one floor to next, then popping back up and doing it all over again. NPCs are jumping all over, animals attack out of nowhere. Fighting on in front of me then all of a sudden hes 20 feet away attacking my thrall. Anything I can do to fix this issue? Internet is not issue running at 200mbs plugged straight into modem. Thanks

Still doing same thing all day. Today took even longer for things to load in, almost 2 hours… Ended up getting a error, and booted off came back on was dead, once door appeared and i was able to open it, my body nowhere to be found. So yeah lost everthing. Got tired of the lag, tried a pve server (2 actually) and neither of them have this lag issue. Please fix this soon.

  • Game mode Official
  • Game type PvE-C
  • Official Server number #3829
  • Hardware info ps4 hardrive
  • Connection info (Wired plugged into modem, 200mbs)

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hi @Badoutlaw1, according to the server stats there seems to be no unusual network activity nor crashes, and the online player count has been stable over the last week.

Which other servers did you try where you haven’t experienced any lag issues?

Hi Huge, thank you for repsonding. Sorry i didnt see this until today. The pve server I played on for many hours with no issues was pve official server #3733. I am back on my main server #3829 and still having long load issues, NPCS jumping all over when trying to fight, thralls lagging way behind, and then running far ahead. I enter a battle and takes them a few seconds to register into the fight. I have to log out and back in 2 or 3 times to get my base to load in fully. I dont know what it could be. Have issues on one server, but not on the other. Any help would be great… thank youj

Sorry to hear about log in issues. Surprisingly this server I load in quickest and I’m on east coast. I guess that explains why my thrall got you. Your base may be located near a large base, hence lengthy load in. I know work around suck but stick a thrall nearby with water and food and gear in a chest. You’ll load in and grab supplies off thrall and wait, better than losing your shift. See you soon

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actually kind of funny. Right as i came back to pick up my stuff i got a msg saying a purge was coming. I got back to my base with 3 seconds to spare. As soon as purge started lag stopped. Since that happened ive had no more issues at all… Part of my base was missing, I assume was from purge, but fighting was no where near where base is gone… But to top it all off I killed my first world boss, took out 8 of my thralls but it was worth it… Now I have a key waiting for me once I hit 60… I am semi close to 3 or 4 big bases, I mean not close enough I can see them, but take a stroll and you can hear the humming and 40 shinning lights in the sky. I dont even go near those bases because the lag is so bad… So thanks again for letting me get back to pick up my stuff. Had that happened with someone else and they took it all, but wasnt mad… Part of the game… Hope to see you again.

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