Frustrating can't Identify THRALLS


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@Ignasi posted in wrong spot yesterday. Thralls no longer have names until you are in there inventory. NPC No description of what it is how much health or knock out bar. After killing or knocking out with a truncheon you can see what they are. This is on Ps4 1TB happening on 2 private servers and a coop game. Not happening with my alternative character on one of the same server or with my wife’s character. Very detrimental when hunting for thrall
These are US gportal server. Happened over 4 days currently.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Really hope you can help logged out repeatedly and nothing helps. Doesn’t matter what part of the map level 60 on all instances.

Hello @sestus2009, thank you for getting in touch and apologies for the frustration this issue has been causing.

Did you try toggling the Show Name Plates setting off, restarting the game, then toggling it on again?

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@Hugo have not seen that option on playstation where should it be. In game settings don’t have access to admin in 2 of the places. Thanks.

You may find that setting on the client-side settings without having to go into the admin settings, within the gameplay tab.

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Thank you wifi signals messed up at work caused a duplicate message I apologize
You’re last message and mine didn’t show up

Thank you that fixed it. Line just below nudity settings must have mashed it last weekend

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