Full Nudity turns off & can't be turned back on

Has anyone else having problems with the nudity setting not staying nude?
Especially when there’s an update.

Just have to go back in and reset it… Happens all the time

There two locations to set nudity on or off, gotta make sure both are set.

I know on PC that for a while if you went into the settings from the main menu, before you were actually in the game, it would reset your nudity settings to no-nudity. I don’t know if it got fixed or not, but maybe something like that is happening here.

Only thing is if is when I try to set it back and save the settings it says I’ve got reset the server. Which means losing all my progress.
To much time and effort invested, with the misses she’ll not start again a 3rd time.
This buggy games starting to do my head in.

Resetting server or restarting one wipes server one refreshes I get confused on witch good luck

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