[Funcom #1124399] Downloading Forever 1 gig out of 242 MB

New Forum member so I apologize for late replys and lack of screenshots.

Currently the download is over 1 Gig out of only 242 MB. Do I just let this keep going? The progress bar has crawled off the client and I’m about to join it.

Played last year until a HDD failure so this is a new install and ive tried both stand-alone and steam clients. As well as following the forums advice and running the DX installer and some other small things that said they would help/ease the installation if there were issues.

At this point I’m kinda out of ideas, I’ve handled the AV and Firewall so they won’t be causing issues but don’t know where to go from here.

Do I just let this thing run until it either finishes or will it eat my entire drive because this is infact an error and I’m just hopeful?

Many thanks for taking the time to read and possibly help with said issue.

If it ever gets to the point where the progress bar has overrun it’ll never finish without intervention. Have you restarted the patcher at all?

I have restarted the non-steam client multiple times. No real change, downloads as it should then just continues indefinitely.

However the steam client did roll over after reaching 1.6 Gigs (massive overrun from the 242 Mb listed) and updated the download size to 2.53 Gigs. I’m not sure what caused it to roll over and update the download size but I’m testing to see if it will work on the non-steam client in a similar fashion.

As it stands the downloader may have just been behaving oddly but still doing its job and installing the game. Just advertising wrong download sizes possibly?

I don’t want to close the ticket until I have confirmed the game has installed at the least.
I will also try to update this post if both clients roll over and the installation seems to be working or not.

Many thanks for your time and reply Aeryl.

How big is your Secret World Legends\RDB folder? If you’ve selected the Full Client in the patcher settings, it’ll be about 33-34 GB when the initial download has finished.

Non-steam installation 33.1

Steam Installation 11.1

I have selected full installation for each.

Looks like your non-Steam client should be just about finished with the initial download. Are you sure there’s no antivirus, anti-malware software or ISP filter (that seems to be a thing in the UK?) interfering with the download?

I’m sure, ive basically I’ve killed them for this download after reading all the issues involved with them.

I’m hoping the non-Steam client rolls over as well as it is closer, probably because I started it before steam. I only went to Steam to see if that resolved the issues.

Again many thanks for the help and any further advice while I’m waiting.

Steam vs. Funcom client really makes no difference. You’re still downloading the same stuff from the same servers once you get to the SWL patcher. The only thing that changes is how you log into the game.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

It seems the non-steam client has also rolled over and downloading has continued.

I originally decided to try the steam client to use their ‘verify integrity of game files’ function as the repair via the launcher kept throwing the ‘roothash’ error but was seemingly able to connect to servers to download.

Its quite alright sometimes tech things do techy stuff that we don’t understand.

With any luck this has all been just a really really funky hiccup and I will finish the installation today.

That’s a terrible idea. It’ll overwrite what the Funcom patcher downloaded with whatever older version of the client is stored on the Steam servers. If you need to verify/repair the client, use the feature built into the patcher.

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As they are two separate installations into different locations would that still be an issue?

Also thanks for letting me know as I have yet to get that desperate and don’t trust steam to correct much of anything.

The Steam install won’t affect your Funcom install. Whichever one you end up using, always use the built-in repair feature.

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Patching Resource Database 4/4

389 / 759 MB Downloaded 3472 / 3524

Non-Steam client is currently working on the last bit of this so I should be able to post an update or hopefully even wrap this up shortly.
Steam Client still has a ways to go, I’ve capped the download so I can get a resolution faster.

Again thanks for the assistance and advice about the steam verify function Aeryl

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You can safely close that patcher if you want. It’ll pick up from where you left off if you ever need to go back to the Steam client.

Note that you can’t freely switch between Steam and Funcom clients once you’ve created an account for one or the other.

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Ok so I should hope the non-steam works then as I would like to continue playing my original characters.

If it doesn’t are we still allowed to switch to steam just the once?

I think that option is only available for accounts that were created before the Steam launch, but don’t quote me on that.

You can check your account at https://account.secretworldlegends.com to see if there’s a button for it.

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Usually when this happens it’s due to data corruption. Are you downloading over WiFi or direct connection to your router?


Download has finished. I have logged in and suffering the ‘re-learning curve’ of being an old-noob.

Again thanks Aeryl for the advice about steam verification being broken and switching accounts.

I am going to mark rephaim as the solution as that’s more than likely the core issue as I am always on the move and use a mobile hotspot as there’s no decent internet anywhere around me.


Happy to hear it worked out for you!


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