Full Client not actually downloading the full client

Basically what it says. I have “full client” checked in the launcher. I’ve tried repairing and quittting, but there is still a ~15gb discrepancy between what’s in my local folder, and what should be for a full client install. (says 48gb total, I’ve only got 33gb).

Anyone have a clue, or is a full uninstall and reinstall the only way I’m going to be able to actually get a full client. As it stands, this is basically unplayable. Locks the game up for minutes at a time when I walk into new areas.

i have the same problem, and repair data doesn’t change anything

I’m sorry for the trouble guys. When running the game you’ll still have background downloads when you reach new areas. This sometimes results in a little lag or slowed performance when reaching a new zone. The best thing to do is go to Settings -> Misc and you should find Download Options. Once there you can increase the download rate with the slider. If you’re seeing different issues as a result of this then I would strongly encourage you to go to funcom.com/help and submit a tech support ticket. We’ll be happy to troubleshoot further with you over email.

Yeah. My suggestion: Make the Full Client an actual full client and let me download all the stuff in advance. But that wasn’t something support wanted to hear and explained to me how many “disadvantages” that would have. shrugs Like no more bug fixes in background without interruptions on my end etc. The thing is, I don’t mind being interrupted if need be. Never complained about the other stuff either. But well, I filed all that under the category of “If you say so” and closed the case. Not mad in the slightest. Some things just can’t be changed^^