Todays Patch Not Enough

So, started to patch todays 18.4 GB patch and I get an error statement: not enough free disk space.

There’s 101 free GB on the drive I have testlive on. Please tell me what to do next to correct this as the patch is reporting back the wrong total.

Download files may be temporarily stored on another drive. I don’t know how Steam works, but wouldn’t surprise me.

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Have at least 150 GB free for download.

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I’m new on the scene and probably blind, but where can I find the patch notes on this one?

They haven’t been posted yet.


We’re still working on the patch notes and will post them as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


I can only hope Arthur Morgan forgives me…

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Thanks… :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be patient, yet still curious
For the feedback, I didn’t have any problems with the installation (190GB free space, m.2, Drive C: )

Appreciate the immediate response.

Anticipating patch notes; hoping the sorcery bench is on the fixed list.

I sure hope fixes to concussive damage to thralls has been addressed, right now, once they return to their origin point the concussive damage resets (health doesn’t) making the use of most blunt damage nearly impossible to take higher end thralls…have been unable to get a bezerker to test the changes to thralls on even with maxed out authority.

24 GB for me, while ~79 GB becomes patched.

As others mentioned, be sure to own enough free available space. About 150 GB. And that more RAM and vRAM (pagefile) you have, that better.

Why would it be “fixed?” That is the anti-exploit mechanic. When they return to their origin, they regenerate their health. Has been that way for a couple years now. If you want to capture a thrall, don’t go far out of its leash range.

If you think its a bug (and based on what you have said, it isn’t), then report the bug in detail. And not poke a community manager in the 11th hour with no details what so ever on reproduction.

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I thought i had reported it; it is bugfed as their health doesnt reset but consciousness does and all within their tether range. Not an exploit as neither of the blunts work, only truncheon does, not working as intended.

My intent was purely constructive.

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How is what he’s saying not a bug
When a thrall resets on live the concussive bar doesn’t reset. On the restlive It does/did

When you’re safe spotting a thrall with blunted arrows they constantly reset. Therefore the concussive bar is constantly being reset to full. Aka impossible to knock out a thrall using blunted arrows while safe spotting.

Meaning from some place that the npc’s cannot hit you? I still call that exploiting.
Yes, on live you can still knock ur thralls from the roof of buildings/stones or i don’t know what other scenery.
From 3.0 you won’t be able to do that.

It does, only at a lower rate.

This change made people saying “Blunted arrows are useless now”. Just try while not climbed 5 feet above your target :stuck_out_tongue: .
I got my thralls in 3.0 with a iron truncheon and blunted arrows.

Maybe what is currently on live is the bug. Wait for the patchnotes. Maybe the change is intentional (which I believe is).

Ya, that’s not a bug. I vaguely remember this one. Intended change if I remember right. As it should be if so, being able to knockout a Thrall with 0 threat to your character shouldn’t be a thing.

As have I, but even strafing around with the bow, inside what seems to be the tether from their start point, i get the named and T4 down to about half and they just turn around and go back to the origin point and full concious and life remains diminished. If you cant strafe them down before they return to origin while on the ground, inside the tether, getting a once in awhile crippling shot, and they just pop back up full then it was never fixed or the fix is broken.

I have a named bearer thrall and had a Mei but all the other T4’s have either died (got my named when they were close to death) or I ran out of arrows before i could bind them.

I’ve literally gone thru 200 blunts without successfully knockjng them out. I know how its done, >4K hours in game and run have played since EA kicked off.

I think its broken.

Imo, concussive dmg from arrows is to low. Increase that and problem solved.

i agree and disagree. The issue is if you hit the thrall with a blunted arrow, it will aggro and charge. If you are lucky, you may get 2 more shots off for concussive damage, then HAVE to switch to truncheon. Meaning on a t4 blunted arrows are not even close to viable. Couple this with the aggro group thing (which is needed btw) and you have 5 thralls on you in seconds in camps. The blunted arrows either needs a slight buff to at least make them part of the knockout loop, or just removed because they are useless data and recipe screen junk at this point.