PC Hotfix (19.12.2019) - Additional critical fixes

Greetings Exiles!

We’re releasing a hotfix before vacations that addresses some pending issues reported after the last patch. Please note: Although the keybinding fix should prevent this issue from happening, those who were affected by the double keybinding issue prior to this hotfix should restore their key settings to default.

We’re also doubling decay timers on all official servers for a month so you can all enjoy these upcoming days with your loved ones.

Also remember that we have an ongoing screenshot contest where you can win some sweet goodies. You can read all about it in its announcement thread.

Thank you for your ongoing support and have a lovely end of the year!

Please remember that updates can mess with your installed mods. We suggest taking a backup of your current database before updating to any new patch if you have mods installed.



  • Fixed some situations in which it would be possible to refill arrow stacks with different stat values.


  • Thralls and pets would on some instances lose their progress on a server restart. This should now be fixed.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause two actions to be bound to the same key when changing keybindings. Those previously affected by this issue should restore their keybindings to default after patching to get this change applied.


Nice, looks good :slight_smile: 1.1 gb, what else did you guys fix? :smiley:

@Ignasi Is there a discord feed that can be used to send the patch notes directly to the discord chat?

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It does seem like an enormous patch for just those 3 hotfixes… There must be more to tell?

For real, is it intentional that u trying to hide stuff in updates to your community?

Like, why even have patch notes when u dont bring all stuff in. Like in mounts update. U lowered the power on jars. I have a lot of examples from earlier updates/patches aswell.

Come on do better.

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My steam update was 98.2MB so not sure what you guys are on about.


Are the bearers finally fixed?

All my friends told me. But still its a fact that they dont show everything in patchnotes.

Patch is sized 98.2MB. :slight_smile:


I don’t know mate, but I was playing last night, client was fully up to date. Todays patch was 1.14GB for me and the Mrs PC

edit: my testlive patch today was 1.5GB

edit 2: We have seen this before, a difference in patch size downloads, and in other games too. Must just be a Steam thing where it decides to update/repair maybe, other packets in the game.
I m not complaining at the size, we have fast BB, but was just curious as to what else the patch contained. We dont use mods.


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Is this still in progress? Because I’ve noticed that max decay time on server #1930 is at 336 hours, but server #1507 is still at 168 hours.

Servers need to restart to get this change applied. It might take a couple of restarts to get the setting fully fetched. The setting should be in full effect by tomorrow around this time.




date for PS4 and xbox?


Inquiring minds want to know.

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Thanks for confirming. My wife’s PC did something similar but none of mine did! :smiley:

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98.2mb here.

Steam just being steam.


Okay, my bad. I am not sure why it showed 1.1 gb o.0 Stream is strange sometimes.

Excellent stuff!

In the old days it was a little easier to see when the devs/art teams had sneaked extra interesting easter-eggy things into these patches, but not so now.

Occasionally a new spawnpoint would appear in the wilderness, or a chest. Sometimes it was just an extra chest or hidden sea/lake/river cave Meant that you had to keep wondering about to spot them, but they are there. Oh, and of course the special adds like homages to certain players, more named thralls/merchants - and ghosts too (I think?)

Thanks for the attention to the small stuff. Perhaps one day drop in a zebra-skinned mount somewhere remote, tell no-one and wait for the fans to discover it ::smiley:


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