PC Patch (13-12-2019) - General bugfixing and movement tweaks

My speculation on this change is due to the number of noob river buildings that were already built at the broken bridge, and therefore blocking their spawn.

I agree, all legendary weapons and armor should be removed or equal to their epic equivalents. Epic equipment is already strong enough. We don’t need anything stronger.

I have been very heartened and relieved to hear the feedback coming through from yourself and a number of other PC players. It sounds like it is much more responsive and they have struck a fair balance in their adjustments. I cant wait for this Patch to hit consoles.

Thanks for the kind words CodeMage! Im just just the kind of guy who doesnt like to complain much. You know Ive been seeing you around the forum and have come to regard you highly as a positive force here yourself. Keep the great work buddy.


Oh dont worry like DrSpaceman said, the new movement is gone, I dare say it’s more fluid than before the momentum based movement.
Like someone else said, it feels like you are playing counterstrike or quake, zoom,zap, zoom, zoom, must advance to the next room! Except there are no next room in CE.

In regards to foals around noob river - they’re still there in my game. Are you sure they aren’t just being blocked? I know there’s usually one hanging around the exile camp down below the shattered bridge on the south end of the river. Pretty sure there’s at least one somewhere near the Sentinels and another on the north end of the river in that one spot between Darfari and Black Hand zones.

Did Funcom nerf Health today? Yesterday 50 vit = 1000 health, and now 50 vit = about 600. Idk what prompted them to change this if they did, but the 50 vit = 1000 health was a much needed, and good change. For PVP, RP, and RP/PVP servers. I also don’t like how it seemed to be a sudden change, where I can find absolutely no one complaining about the change to health.

However, I am not sure if this is a bug on my end, or my server has an issue. Eitherway, if someone has feedback let me know.

What about the animation of resource collection and motion control during the fall? When will the update be released on PS4?

  • Keybindings for mounts can now be changed (Bound to the same keys as normal movement).

Don’t see it …Keybindings all look the same.


When will this patch hit consoles?
Any ETA information would be appreciated.

Since the update, the rhino king near Muriela’s hope has roughly the same amount of HP as a black rhino, and gives no XP. Will be this and the unusable night vision aplications (mask, powder, potion) ever fixed?

I don’t know how could funcom f…k these up when these things have NOTHING to do with the changes in this patch… Did the devs check, what they’ve done? Because it seems not. That’s why testlive is a thing? So they don’t have to test their own stuff “the players will check instead of us” (not a quote, but sure this happens). Why the players won’t get paid then?

Not speaking about the quivering arrows which I farmed for weeks, now they are trash, I wasted my time now I’m better of making bone arrows.

And I still don’t see the game PAUSE when I press the ESC button in single player. Even 30 years old games can do this. It’s time to fix this too. The sooner the better.

Funcom?? Explain this.

And yes, I’m angry, but it’s obviously understandable. I paid money for the game, and sure they add a lot of new things to the game, but they should fix all the problems in the first place, and THEN expand it.

Can you look my Video with my system what about i talking with 20 fps and so… ???

I think there is a Unreal Engine bug or something? There i have all updatet drivers and nothings on the end my pc goes freeze and crash about Conan Exiles becouse it Overload it…???

Seriously @Ignasis and at @Hugo and maybe even @Jens_Erik

In the last stream, you (=FUNCOM) said you want to have better communication. Yet you are UNABLE to provide an answer about the patch status at consoles??

We know that the patches need be certified which needs time. But are the patches even in cert process?
3 different people (myself included) asked and we got ZERO replies…

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Another problems since this update:

  • HUGE LAGS especially in New asagarth. I had fps drops before, but now it’s even worse. I got fps drops in oher places, which I have never had problems before. (and no, I had no system/hardware changes).
  • The shank does not apply sunder to me.
  • Every time I reach I-J 3-4 sector the game crashes, and I can’t even read the problem, because the crash causes black screen, the only solution is restarting the game.
    I’m saying again: fix the freakin’ problems already. Why is that if you fix something, you screw up something else?

@Ignasis Was there a server setting to adjust the movement?

I have been playing with the new setting for some time now but i must say i liked the slower version better. It made pvp way better.

Is it possible to set it between the current setting and the last version? I think movement acceleration is to fast now. People have to easy a time of running away again.

Would it also be possible to adjust movement slowing effects? I would like to do some test with it, i think they are to short right now since they are hard to hit.

Once again pvp is 95% pve… Stop asking to slow the game only for long established level 60 players with unlimited resources can hunt low levels players more easily.


Patch just hit my server… any notes to read?

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guys, i would like to suggest to please release patch notes before you release the patch on the network :slight_smile:

It is scary when there are no notes :’(

@Ignasis Is there a discord feed that can be used to send the patch notes directly to the discord chat?

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New patch is out!

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