Funcom blocks its review in this forum, so it needs to be done in other forums

Yet another example of funcom’s hostility.

My ban on gambling has apparently been extended because I dared to raise the issue here in the forum.

The ban on other members of the clan has ended, but for me it continues, and I never even got any answer to my survey about the ban, in addition to making a survey ticket, it has been made extremely difficult for a poor English speaker.

Funcom blocks its review in this forum, so it needs to be done in other forums.

Pelikieltoani on ilmeisesti jatkettu, koska uskalsin ottaa asian esille täällä foorumissa.
([Pelin sääntöihin nojaten Funcom voi kyykyttää pelaajia ja klaaneja virallisilla palvelimilla melko mielivaltaisesti :frowning: ])
Muiden klaanin jäsenten kielto on päättynyt, mutta minulle se jatkuu, enkä koskaan saanut edes vastausta kieltoa koskivaan kyselyyni, kyselylipun tekemisen lisäksi se on tehty erittäin vaikeaksi huonolle englanninkielisen puhujalle. | Arvostelu | Conan Exiles

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Today at 10.06 The game is good, but the gaming company ■■■■■■ spoils its game extremely well by treating players really badly and at any time for some legitimate reason banning the game from official servers.
In addition, not all of them consciously want to develop the rules of the game’s official servers, but continue to arbitrarily squat players.

Why would we want to see a review from a banned player/cheater? Here is my review : do not cheat, and you will not get banned.



Hi @Tita

Please make sure you contact the team over on Zendesk so that they can investigate further.
You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures