Funcom is now treating former customers

Funcom is now treating former customers in an outrageous way by preventing them from playing on official game servers based on unfounded complaints.
For this reason, I will no longer buy any Funcom game or any game add-on as long as the blocking on the official game servers continues completely arbitrarily.

Favoring official servers in the server search is also outrageous, you cannot exclude them from the search results, no matter how much you want. And the official servers fill the search result so that very few other search results are visible.

So this makes the game unplayable.
So Funcom has sold me a now unplayable game.

Does anyone know which country’s consumer protection can complain about this?


This is unlikely to help, but if the game is purchased on Steam, you can complain about them on Steam.

Previous thread was forcely closed… you can check it up…
Yep, no more bans because of alpha clans reports (full of salty kiddos). They just wiping every1 who tries to oppose them… nice practice.

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I wouldn’t assume or peg “alphas” as the salty culprits.

I watched a streamer a few months ago, solo, visiting servers and reporting anything and everything.

Most recently on a server I visited, a fresh solo joined and on LVL 1 immediately started warning the server that they were going to report everything.

I know a large clan that was suspended because others believed they were cheating in the past month, even though I could tell they weren’t. Seems to be mainly duos and trios, especially inexperienced, reporting for that kind of stuff.


A guy who wasn’t banned went to the server to check the situation and the neighboring clan had captured the entire mountain in the cave for themselves.
That is, much more outrageous than our banned clan.
It was quite easy to conclude that when the other players couldn’t get us to give up with their constant attacks, they took advantage of Funcom’s infamous banning policy.


You get a link popup every time you log onto official servers. If you take the time to read the rules you shouldn’t have anything to worry about because it’s pretty clear.

The 14 day ban isn’t for the game, it’s for the Official servers which you can’t seem to follow the rules on so they have the right to not want you to play there. You can still play private servers, create your own, etc

I do agree that 14 days right off the bat for first offenders is a bit strict, a wipe would be enough to smarten up most people, unless it’s a big offense.

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Sorry to hear that- :popcorn:

The game is still playable just not on officials for the duration of the ban.


Nauseating behaviour. I wonder if anyone sent their stream to Funcom/Zendesk. The way i see it, doing such a thing warrants a high priority account ban along with maybe an occasional check of streamer/content creator accounts that do just exactly that. I’d say it’s one of the very few ways to hit multiple birds with 1 stone. Relieve workload by not having to respond to their tickets/reports, getting rid of a toxic support-abusing player, having a healthy server community, etc.

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At the time I was unable to get the funcom ID otherwise I would have. This was just after the change to ToC on false reports too.

If you think everyone who has been banned was violating the TOS, you are seriously mistaken. I used to think that too but it’s not the case.

And the only thing clear about the TOS is that they aren’t clear.


Than why were they banned?

I’ve been in quite a few arguments that say other wise. I know many people will agree parts of the TOS are pretty vague.

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The illuminati, a shadow government intent on world domination by suppressing people from building 50Ă—50 black ice cubes in a video game


Because they were reported, likely by more than one person, as a form of trolling.


And when you get reported for breaking rules that you did break, you get banned. Cause and effect

Man, where can I step off this marry-go-round?

Getting this live-die-repeat feeling.

Personally, I gave up reporting TOS violations. Waste of my time.

And that’s why this game keeps on dying . Like I’ve said multiple times they need to fix the rules and unban everyone . No one should ever be perma banned unless they hacking or ddosing server


I’m new. Dumb question. What is land claim?

The area of the map you claim ownership of when building.

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Yeah, I look up the rules. So the guy who built over a world boss spawn is violating them. Good to know, lol.