Official servers out of search results

I insist on removing all official servers from the live game search, without wanting to search for official servers.
Funcom treats its paying customers very badly and distributes bans to official servers completely arbitrarily. And then it does not agree to fix the blocks, and it is not possible to restrict official servers outside of game search. This is really outrageous customer service and I will continue to block Funcom’s games forever as long as Funcom continues its outrageous behavior towards its customers.

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I have now had enough of Funcom’s unequal treatment of consumers and unilateral dictating of terms. which do not meet EU consumer protection requirements:
Kohtuuttomat sopimusehdot - Your Europe (

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Please point out exactly where you believe they’ve done you wrong.

Official servers are offered as a courtesy, by playing on them you agree to play by Funcom’s rules. What those rules are, or how they choose to apply them is something that is completely at their discretion.

Your access to the game has not been revoked and that is all you paid for.

But by all means, take it to the EU court. :popcorn:


I wish I could filter out officials too.

Use BUGLE as your launcher :stuck_out_tongue:


That is AWESOME! Thank you! :grin:

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