Funcom, do this one thing PLEASE!

I understand that you won’t change the direction you have set your game in, i get it. Though 90% of the feedback on updates and changes are negative, you won’t do anything about it. And because of that the game can be played only as single player or PvE, PvP you have ruined. So, since this is a building simulator these days can you please fix the building sets and their expansions? Aesir is frustrating to build since the pieces won’t snap on as should, ramps and roofs block building to the slots connected to them, even upgrading is blocked so you have to take apart big chunks of your buildings. Stacked foundations can’t be rotated in every direction anymore, there are many other issues as well.

Being able to build properly is the only thing i want, i’ve given up on the other aspects of the game already.

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