Funcom Steam Sale


I went through the trouble to compile all the prize reductions for Funcom games on this christmas steam sales. Whoever wanted to grab a funcom game or DLC now is a good time:

Secret World Legends:
-Dawn of the Morninglight: -70%
-Supernatural Bundle: -70%
-Operative Bundle: -70%
the Secret World Spinoff-Game:
-The Park: -70%

Conan Exiles: -50%
-Jewel of the West: -20%
-The Imperial East: -20%

Longest Journey: -70%
Dreamfall:The Longest Journey: -70%
Dreamfall Chapters: -66%

or as Bundles
-Longest Journey + Dreamfall Longest Journey: -70%
-Longest Journey + Dreamfall: The Longest Journey + Dreamfall Chapters: -75%


Ok… it wasn’t that easy to find. But 70% off of 9.99 isn’t 5.99, lol.


5.99 is 70% off 19.99 which, if memory serves, was the original launch price for the Dawn of the Morninglight CE.


Why players using the Funcom client cannot benefit from this sale ?!

Please add it in-game as well! Besides, all money would go to developers, while Valve takes 30% from sales on Steam if I’m not mistaken


Just spotted another sale. This time Conan Exiles exclusive:
Conan Exiles: -50%
The DLCs: -25%
The Complete pack (CE plus all four DLCs): -40%