Funcom Steam Sale

I went through the trouble to compile all the prize reductions for Funcom games on this christmas steam sales. Whoever wanted to grab a funcom game or DLC now is a good time:

Secret World Legends:
-Dawn of the Morninglight: -70%
-Supernatural Bundle: -70%
-Operative Bundle: -70%
the Secret World Spinoff-Game:
-The Park: -70%

Conan Exiles: -50%
-Jewel of the West: -20%
-The Imperial East: -20%

Longest Journey: -70%
Dreamfall:The Longest Journey: -70%
Dreamfall Chapters: -66%

or as Bundles
-Longest Journey + Dreamfall Longest Journey: -70%
-Longest Journey + Dreamfall: The Longest Journey + Dreamfall Chapters: -75%


Ok… it wasn’t that easy to find. But 70% off of 9.99 isn’t 5.99, lol.

5.99 is 70% off 19.99 which, if memory serves, was the original launch price for the Dawn of the Morninglight CE.

Why players using the Funcom client cannot benefit from this sale ?!

Please add it in-game as well! Besides, all money would go to developers, while Valve takes 30% from sales on Steam if I’m not mistaken

Just spotted another sale. This time Conan Exiles exclusive:
Conan Exiles: -50%
The DLCs: -25%
The Complete pack (CE plus all four DLCs): -40%

STEAMSALE on Funcom games:
-60% on SWL DLCs (all but the 12 month patron bundle)
-50% on Conan Exiles
-20 to -50% on various Conan exiles DLCs and Bundles
-50% on Longest Journey and Dreamfall Longest Journey
-50% on the Park
-25% on Mutant Year Zero

This is confusing. Issnt this pushing your playerbase to steam? I dont think a player cares much if the game lanches with the funcom client or steam client. But this way funcom loses money because I seriously doubt steam doesnt take a cut of these sales.

Give players the same deal with the funcom client and take all the money yourself to do … With (fill in the dot’s)

Also it looks like no extra story is unlocked if you buy these, just some points which you get by playing anyways. Some shards which you get from playing and a agent a pet and some cosmetics. Which I never cared for but hey, if cosmetics is your thing go for it.

It a f2p model so i guess you gotta earn some money but here is a idea…why not host a sale yourself? Lots of other publishers do it.

Something like 1 time per month get dubble or even triple the aurum for x amount of money

You would get a lot more income this way because people will be waiting for the monthly sale and the babana’s

Just that no confusion comes up.
I am neither a funcom employee nor affiliated really with funcom. I am only forwarding sales of funcom games/dlc that happen during the usual steam sales when practically everyone puts stuff up for reduced price. Usually during summer, christmas and such times and this time a themed sale if I saw it right.

This is just my way of showing people opportunities to get games/dlc they might wanted but always were a bit to expensive. Basically good opportunities if the intent ever was to aquire them not a well thought out funcom market strategy. Pricing really is in their hands and not in mine but doing a bit promo for stuff still is something I can do.

Always thought funcom is doing a subpar job at crosspromotion and sale announcements. Cause why make events and sales if you don’T let people know about it.

P.S.: I mean you can still suggest them to do an aurum sale or so. Either in the discord or in the forum (reddit also is probably a place to suggest it…not that familiar with the SWL-Reddit)

Can a regular user convert to a steam account to take advantage of the sale, then convert back?

You can convert to Steam yes, but you cannot convert back anymore. It’s a oneway road

Oh well, thanks :smile:

Funcom has another Steam Sale.:
Mutant Year Zero: -40%
Mutant Year Zero Deluxe edition (Base game lus Seeds of Evil DLC): -35%
Longest Journey: -50%
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey: -50%
Dreamfall Chapters + Longest Journey + Dreamfall: The longest Journey: -67%
The Park: -50%
Conan Exiles: -50%
Conan Exiles - Seeker of Dawn Pack or Treasures of Turan Pack or The Savage Frontier or The Imperial : -20% (Seperate) or -36% (All together aka Year 1 DLC Bundle)
Conan Exiles Year 2 Season Pass: -20%

Shame that the SWL DLCs didn’t get included in the sale…or AoC for that. Still pretty ridiculous expensive
normal prize.


Not really steam but gog has:
-75% on both Longest Journey and Dreamfall: Longest Journey