Funcom, where is the hotfix?

1)Many players cannot take items, stack items, or put items on slaves
2) some players have broken old DLS and items from the pass and bazaar, they cannot use them
3) Some players complain about crashes after the update
4) a lot of players complain about dips through textures
5) Many players complain about the inactivity of slaves during the battle
6) part of the NPCs of their hunting events are broken, on the island, seen today on server 6008
7) The endurance recovery delay time is different from what it was originally on the test server, it is less and endurance is restored faster. Which is not very suitable for the PVP community of the game
8)Problems with the content that is sold in the bazaar. There is a problem with buying content at the bazaar, some of the content has disappeared.

These are the most pressing issues at the moment, but far from the only ones. They make Conan unplayable. How am I supposed to go through a level 10 purge if 70 percent of my slaves are just hanging out? How should I play if I can’t take most of the things, I can’t put something on the slaves? Where is the urgent fix?
For everyone who reads this topic, please leave comments and discussions about the problems you are experiencing with the game in order to increase the activity of this topic and draw more attention to the problems described above.


I wounder the same when they are going to fix the game it is Unplayable you cant do anything after chapter 4 came out . but i dont think Funcom is going to fix it 5 days ago you did wrote this and they havent Reply. i love to play conan Exile but when this crashes and all other bug makes me sad maybe it is time to find a new game but dont want to

You’re 5 hours late. Guess i lose that bet.

I’ve been playing on testlive, testlive is a couple builds behind. Just got my log in run to put off decay on live done.

I’m sorry, but I find some peoples definition of “unplayable” as pretty weak. There are players that literally can not play, they can’t log in or the game/server crashes when they try. That is unplayable.

While I understand the frustration, it is important to remember that one (1) business day has elapsed since the announcement that there would be an urgent hotfix with an estimated release of late this week.

So, complaining that the promised hotfix has not been released before the promised date is a bit much.

A valid complaint is that this release was fatally flawed, was reported as fatally flawed in beta, and was slap-dashed together and foisted on the community with predictable results, again.

Another valid point is that the month+ after the release of a new chapter is the real beta and the surprise that is met with each new and resurgent old bug report speaks of a level of QA mismangament that should have those throwing this ■■■■■ onto live play inivted to see other employers.

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i have the same problem to sometimes that i cant log in to the game

You are right.

In my case, I can log in, but if I pick anything up, the game crashes. That’s pretty close to unplayable.

“Where is the hotfix?” is the wrong question. The question we should be asking is this:

Why hasn’t this disastrous “update” been rolled back yet? Easy to implement, quick, and would solve 100% of the issues introduced in the “update.”


I spawn inside my base on every login, i can’t remove items from certain chests, my thralls are completely bugged. They do one attack(some times) and then just stand there. They do not follow me and just moonwalk sideways when i order them to go somewhere. I can not order them to attack anything anymore. I get stuck inside large enemies(like rhinos), enemies are “flying” “stuck in the sky” much more often than before. The list goes on and on and on.

Yep, it’s a broken mess. It’s so bad I’m not even attempting to play the game right now, and I won’t be doing anything other than decay timer re-sets until all of this update’s major issues are corrected.

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I swear it’s like pulling a string on an do… action figure.

Are you on one of the public servers? Most of that is signs of server lag; not saying that is the only cause.

And rolling back the update wouldn’t fix most of that. “Mostly” because the chest inventory issue may very well be cause by this update, but changing the sorting options usually fixes it.

Whenever you pipe up? Yes, it is.

Partial temporary solution:

This does not work. Atleast not for me. Changed nothing about the thrall behavior.