Funcom you moved the terrain and it swallowed my base!

So on server 6101 Siptah, and I assume on all servers the terrain around the citadel was moved either intentionally or inadvertently. I am guessing because someone thought it was in the wrong spot. Possibly, but if I recall, the reason it was moved originally was to block a spot where characters could get stuck and fall thru the world. That spot is now open again and coincidentally, my base was swallowed in the terrain shift. I can see it under the ground and so my concern is two fold. One I would like my stuff back, vaults, chests thralls, and general building pieces. Second I don’t want it to seem that somehow, I am now an undermesher. Please respond.

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To get help of this type generally it’s best to pm one of the @Community such as I can’t remember how to spell the names :joy: but they help you there

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This happened when human camps were added on Siptah. Players lost their bases and there were no refunds (I’m talking about parts of the map that weren’t advertised pre-patch).
Best move on.


Thank you for tagging us. We are aware of this issue and working on a solution.

Apologies for the trouble and thank you for your patience.

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