FUNCOM! You really should have released the mounts update or do a new trailer and do scene for scene this!

The Opening To Conan the barbarian 1982 movie, The Mounts update would have been a perfect chance to kick people on that nostalgia button, if you had recreated this scene in-game with the mounts (And you have the Helmets and Frontier gear to match the looks)

I hope you do a new trailer showcasing the mounts using this as a concept and use the Riders of Doom(Riddle of Steel) Song Heck, even Nintendo used it Twice for LoZ

Missed opportunity.

And don’t tell me you can licence the looks of 3 actors and The Famous Atlantean sword, but not 1 song from the movie.


Well I can only applaud any suggestion that would shine light on old Basil Poledouris’ magnificent soundtrack.

It does appear that licensing rights for the Conan properties are what experts variously describe as “a stupid ■■■ clusterf…k”, “a giant mess” or “it’s just FUBAR man”, so it’s perhaps not as straightforward as it may seem.


That would have been awesome, and if we’d had an unlimited amount of time and budget to make our trailers, then we probably would have been able to recreate the opening of the Conan movie. Alas, it was not to be.

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