The style of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo, things from films about Conan and redhead Sonya 1980 years old

I ask the developers to add armor from the movie about Conan 1980 Rexor, Tulsa Doom, Torgrim, Conan and others to the game, the helmets you added to DLC would be nice to add amulets and rings.
Is it possible to make long hair stick out from under the helmet?
Make a sheath for the weapon and what would it be displayed on the hero.
Add a number of scenery to the location, for example, such as a pain tree as it was in the movie and in the game Age of Conan, so that the scenery becomes much more terrible and brutal than it is now.

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I think you mean 1982’s “Conan the Barbarian”, and you’re right there is already a DLC dedicated to that, though admittedly it is a bit on the light side, particularly equipment-wise.

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I would buy the hell out of a “Riddle of Steel 2” DLC with armors to go with the helmets and some movie weapons like the father sword, Valeria’s saber, and Subotai’s bow.

If you’re on PC, there is a mod that adds a bunch of movie weapons.


@Mikey and @BoogerParty I wholeheartedly agree with you both here. The Riddles of Steel was the DLC in which I really wanted to see the focus be on Weapons and Armours. Instead it was geared more towards placeables I felt. Like yourselves, I would love to see a Riddles of Steel 2 pack which contains among other things Conans fathers sword, Thorgrims Warhammer and Valerias Valkyrie armour.


I’d happily buy another DLC with more cosmetics from the movie.

But Funcom would probably need to pay more licensing fees to use those designs, and some people who bought a Season Pass would again complain that the DLC isn’t included. Not sure if it’s worth all that.

Abunch of Armors on Comic Covers (or just book still releases) I would love to see.

I want Akiro’s hat, good spell casting clothes too


You may well be right Kapoteeni. I just wish they included them in the first DLC pack when it came out. There was a very boisterous choir of people asking for these items to be added in in the build up to its release. Especially Conans fathers sword, it is every bit as iconic as the Atlantean Sword and Royal Armour. I feel that one should definiately not have been overlooked. I regard it as a Crom artifact, so you dont want to know what I would pay for it.

For the last time Croms, no you cannot trade your firstborn for that sword. We know you tried, customs got involved, then Interpol, it was a mess.

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More Frazetta stuff - YES (not much clothes anyways)
From the 80s - Nope

Ok then ill dial it back a bit. :wink: Maybe if I just offer Funcom some simple money, financial restitution, in exchange for a Riddles of Steel 2 dlc pack, which could include this highly sought after artifact among others!?

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