Riddle of Steel DLC additions

So I’ve been reading some former posts about the Riddle of Steel DLC and some queries about missing items. Like others, I think Funcom should think about adding Conan’s Father’s sword. The one that Thulsa Doom stole from the Father.

But, I think a couple of cool conditions should be included…
It should be broken. In the movie Conan split the sword. We should have an option to retrieve it as a “shattered sword”, just to provide some nice continuity.
It should function like a knife. Because, well, it looks like a knife now.
It should be a legendary weapon. Conan spent a good deal of energy retrieving it. The sword should have some kind of special status like being given legendary status.
It should have a bonus applied. I’ll let you guys work out what that should be lol.
It’s description should mention something about severed heads.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Have a think over it Funcom and see if it can work for you! Thanks for the amazing game!