Fuzzy Lion Pet graphics

So I have cast the Lion Pet, The Maltese Vaaghasan bugged pet and they both have graphic issues:

Eyes always closed
Very blurry mane and overall body

I had someone else tell me that their view of my lion had the eyes open but no teeth

its nearly that blurred in the game: you can see the backgrounds look a lot clearer

Has anyone else had this issue?

how do I get a screenshot downloaded to the forums? I did this off my cell phone, sorry

Are you on low settings? I believe this is a known issue on certain lower graphics settings.

I believe F11 is the default screenshot button. Using those is far, far, better than taking a picture with your cellphone.

I know f11…just not how to put that on a post

You can just click and drag the file onto the post’s text field.


now my Lion Pet is the Maltese Vaaghasan…but it is a lot clearer (that one was never blurred)

updated: both the Lion social pet and the Maltese Vaaghasan war cat have the same cast: they are now the exact same Maltese Vaaghasan skin

So I cant check high definitions…but Im on medium at least and none of the other 150 plus pets ever had the blurry skin

Lion is back

am on DX10; still fuzzy blurred graphics but now I think the lion has empty eyeballs vs being closed: zombie cat


finally found where the screenshots were…I think his eyes are zombified out now vs closed

Still very disappointing though

Does anyone else get a blurred lion pet like this? The other screen shot on the forums at least had a real face and mane (even though still looked constipated)


There’s definitely something odd about that lion!

The walking dread

reminds me of the Nat Geo show about zombified big cats (with distemper) in Africa


The Lion is messed up on low graphics settings and we’re aware of it.

ok, thanks…Im on high settings and its still blurry by the way

Issue was the game would not let me enter DX10: had someone help and so far so good now

lion is better, still hits like a wet paper bag though

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They should consider raising the damage roughly to that what the xanthic death wolf does.
Maybe even revamp all pets to deal the same / similar damage, most pets have no real use since they don’t do anything besides dealing trash damage.

So now the issue is that the game will not keep the DX10 setting but defaults back to dx9…and I cannot get the dx9 to change successfully to dx10 from the settings tab or f10