Maltese Vaagahasan War Cat has morphed since Saga Merge

One picture should be worth a whole bunch of words…Not sure if I like it or not…

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The lion is like " I wanna die" :joy:


Uh oh. Thanks for the report. We’ll have this checked out.

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As a veterinarian…what with the lion’s flat face and eyes being closed…it looks like its constipated or a version of the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz…

dog’s tails in game that look like rat tails (not thick enough), big cat tails that end in a concave version…would you folks like some help with animal anatomy?

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Btw: I cast it in OT…

mine has a fuzzy face (not clear) and eyes closed: someone else said it has eyes open (wont blink) and no teeth for the vaaghasan war cat

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He’s got that cheeky, guilty look of someone that’s dropped one.

Oh noes, a gassy cat! No longer stealthy… O.o

So I got the official lion pet yesterday and used it today…why does the official one still have its eyes closed, the face is blurry and it looks like the malteses vaahgasan buggy one?

I did expect it to look like the screenshot.

Frankly I am disappointed in the graphics: its like HD vs standard definition. Wish I had just sold it instead

is there any hope that Funcom will fix this horrible bug???
Honestly the Maltese Tiger was my favorite pet.
While I hate this Chow Chow (because it is this, a Chow Chow, not a lion, do not take us around) I loved my black tiger and I would like to have it back!!!

I checked out the visual on a guildies vaaghasan pet:

to my view, both lions have eyes that are always closed and blurry face/mane
to his view, the eyes are open and he sees texture in the mane

to someone else, the lion had eyes open that never blinked and no teeth

so whats up with this? I’ll try and post screenshots when I get back from work