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Hi Guys,

I know this will be a very controversial topic, but I would really appreciate it if hairless cats were replaced with hairful cats. Hairless cats could be a minority that’s still in the game, that would be fine too. Many people like hairless cats, and many people do not. Obviously I am in the latter camp, but that’s not really the point here.

Hairless cats don’t survive in the wild. It is a random mutation that has appeared now and then, and then those bald nekochans unfortunately don’t make it. Conan is a brutal world, picking one of the breeds that has the least survivability doesn’t seem like a good thematic fit. Hairless cats are very prone to sunburn and skin cancer, they have an extremely difficult time regulating their body temperature, and they are prone to infections due to the lack of hair around nose/ears, etc. On top of this, they are one of the most inbred cat breeds we have (they only came into existence in the '60s), and have all the health issues typically associated with this, like heart problems and epilepsy. To give you an idea of what I mean, the first hairless kitten to be bred was bred directly to his own mother, in Toronto. The gene pool has remained extremely shallow for the last few decades. They are a very high maintenance breed and breeders usually recommend only taking them to veterinarians who specialize in purebred cats, because of their health problems.

Sure, I don’t like their appearance, but I don’t like the appearance of star-nosed moles either. I would have no issue with star-nosed moles being added to the game (though I might question the dev’s corruption level). Hairless cats are a bad choice for Conan in particular, because Conan is kind of about things like hairless cats not surviving.

Will there be a lore twist related to them? Like the cats are secretly thralls of an elder god and fell out of one of the event portals? Or maybe they are normal hairful cats that a mad sorcerer/sorceress placed in a thaumaturgy bench and used the illusion system to make their fur invisible? Please let me know!



Huh, didn’t realize we were only getting hairless cats. Kinda weird now that you mention it. I mean, there could be lore reasons for it. Like Derkerto needs hypoallergenic cats because cat fur triggers her asthma, or the standard “a wizard did it.” It would actually be amusing to see the devs justify this in-game.

Still, even putting aside the fact that cat breeds in Conan obviously don’t have similar evolutionary histories as real-world cat breeds, sounds like hairless cats have issues tied to the simple fact that they lack any fur to speak of. Maybe there’s a bad case of mange in the Exiled Lands? That would be even worse.

Fingers crossed that furred kitties find their way into the game at some point.

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What do we want?! HAIRFUL CATS!
When do we want em?! MEOW!


I think that there is a slight misunderstanding, because the dev stream made it sound like it was all about hairless cats. To our understanding only the (paid) Battle Pass cat will be hairless, as could be seen on the concept art and in the video snippet during the stream. It also seems to have a different model compared to the other in-game cats (pointier ears/tail, different face/eyes).

The 3 different cats that can be picked up (for free) in game all seem to have fur - yes, short hair, but they definitely don’t look like hairless cats. I’d classify them as black shorthair, Siamese and tabby.

You can see them a bit clearer here:

Our video shows a few other close-ups as well.


Hairful now… hose hairless hats har hitefull.

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Prayers answered! Next up: give cats emotes!
I want my future cat to also pray to Mitra!
No freeloading unbelievers!

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I have never been so glad to be wrong. This is great news! Thanks for letting me know! Please don’t add star-nosed moles to the game though, Funcom.

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This is the most insightful response I have ever read. Well said!

I try

And what if they were a new type of mounts? Underground mounts jumping from literally nowhere inside an enemy clan base - any place not covered with foundations!

I’ve always wanted a pair of black cats to call Gilgamesh and Ozymandius. Because giving black cats epic names amuses me. Thanks for the correction.

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guys where do you get foxes and dogs (we got new skins for them) on exile lands?

anyone know wher you can find cats on siptha ?

Personally, hairless cats are pretty f****** ugly. :3

I’d rather we had some normal variety.

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We shared all the locations on Siptah we have found so far in our guide here. There are for sure a couple more we might have missed, but I hope it helps.


I found four cats in roughly an hour wandering Sepermaru. Put them in animal pens last night, so we’ll see how they turn out after I get home from work today.

With any luck, not invisible.

By Crom, Ninja Cats!

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