If no mounts by engine limitation...then shapeshifting!

Just like Avatars, but as a second type of “religion” and less costly.

The way of implementation can be anyway…warpaint can be a good way, can only learn 1 at a time, and maybe give it a cool down and a trigger

There can be all sorts of creatures, for example:
Ape for great melee combat
Shaleback for great defense
Croc for swimming and underwater
Crow for flying&scouting (can do hardly any damage)
Bat-demon for gliding from higher place to lower (A magnificent falling without fall damage, kind of…)
Rhino for carry stuff
wolf/hyena get great bonus when travel in pact.
Cobra for hiding and hitting, works extremely well in grassland
Rocknose can travel as pile of rock and hide underground, works well in rocky area
Same thing, Scopion for desert…
Explosive imp for suicidal bomb, note that warpaint is not cheap and you lose warpaint and your stuff doing so
Jaguar/leopard for great plain ground travelling

etc. With mounts as not a possibility, shapeshifting is the best way for ppl to travel, and offers many ways of fighting style especially in pvp

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I’m sorry but please no, please

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argument? reasoning?

I’m no expert in the world of Conan (I’ve read a few books), but I don’t recall the exile lands being filled with shapeshifters. In my opinion I just don’t like the idea, it’s weird and takes away from the survival aspect and the world of Conan. In your scenario, I would just turn into an animal and quickly get to where I’m wanting to go, instead of walking there and having to survive the land. It takes away from the game too much and would make traveling too easy. I would even see mounts being an issue with this but it does make sense. This is of course just my opinion but I feel it takes away from the game too much.

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If we are stretching here We do have shape-shifting if you count the God of Set as an animal to shapeshift into.

I see it as a summon, I’ve only used set and mitra, and while you do play as them , it does have an “entrance” for them. The are coming to your aid you’re not turning into them.

Ok so ive tested the shapeshift…Yes movement animation works with creature and no You cannot attack with it…So If any developer that is modding for fun if you can do animation to fit with the player hands yes you can do shapeshift by changing the mesh of the base player char blueprint.

shapeshifting was one of the things mentioned by the devs in EA as a feature for sorcery, with the Hyena men being an example given. I wouldn’t expect it to be as…colorful as your suggestion but there is a good chance we will see it in some form.

As to the mount issue, that has more to do with how the maps were designed initially. The game renders the map in large chunks, they’d have to chop those rendering chunks down by a fair bit to get mounts working. This is why even with sprinting you’ll get some rubberbanding.

It’s not a Conan thing. I prefer giving time to the team to have mounts

I agree with @JackKingbean here. This would be a big turn off for me. I don’t think I’d feel like I was playing a Conan game anymore. Mounts are a ‘meh’. I’d rather they didn’t exist but I’d keep playing if they were added.

I’d also rather they spent ‘all’ available resources on bug fixes than creating ‘any’ additional content. At least for the foreseeable future… So many bugs; they have a hell of a mess to clean up.

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I guess I can agree on that one…the priority should be fixed on bugs and new content (northeast area?)

no shapeshifting… and no MOUNTS… we need bugs to be fixed. world bosses and dungeons to be more interesting, some weapons to be reworked, religions to be fixed and balanced… and so many more things!

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