Sceptical about Taming - afraid it will kill the uniqueness off Conan and move us to close to ARK

Hello all.

I am currently enjoying Conan Exiles alot. I am on a Official PvP Server and the combination of “being creative” with the Building and Decoration System but still enjoying a Adventure in a World with a wonderful setting and story background and Social Interaction with other Gamers in Good or Confrontational Ways .

I think they are already very unique in the way the Game is in the “Survival Genre”.

Back when i tried ARK - the main focus on that Game was all about Pets, Pets, Pets, and more Pets…

I did not like that - it actually turned me off.

So it is understandable that i am actually very nervous about the Upcoming Update that will introduce “Taming” to us.

I actually did like that we did not have all those Animals to jump on and everywhere you go these Pets behind you.
It is of course my personal preference.

But for me the world of Conan feels already cool enough with the Thralls and the Feature of having NPC following you.
This differanciate us from ARK.

I truly hope this Game will not end up with uncountable Pets parking in front of Houses everywhere and feeling like a “Animal Farm” Game.

So my hope is - it will be very hard to get alot of Pets - and that Pets will be the weaker option vs. Thralls.

I mean at the end those Pets may even be a danger for the unique Thrall Feature of Conan.

Also i am scared that the Faster Movement with a Tamed Animal as a riding option may reduce the “large sandbox world” feeling to much.
Faster movement will impact also the amount of times people engage with each other and how fast you can go back to restock and attack again…
I am expecting a huge impact on the Game with Taming coming and not sure if it will be for the good or bad for how i currently love htis game.

So . I am done. That was me sharing my concerns regarding the Taming coming.

Do not move to much into the direction of ARK… that is the summary of my feeling about Taming

Kind regards

You can never ride a tame in Conan to begin with. And you never get an OPed tame either.

I don’t really care about pets myself, although they would be a cool addition to the game. I would really rather see some good AI and combat out of the Thralls, and general improvement to the Thrall system. Pets, I think, are going to be rather limited.

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I’ll equip my camel with silent legion armor and give it a Khitan Greatsword.

If you are gonna do pre-emptive arguments on yet-to-be implemented features, at least do your research.

I’d love to bet a Njoror Battleborn that I can get back to my base near an obilisk faster via a Maproom than someone with a person-speed “mount” (which they already stated there will be no mounts).

Cuz last time I checked, horses and camels can’t climb walls, or break a fall along them. I can only imagine how annoying it’s gonna be getting blocked by a circle of crocodiles while riding a horse who can’t really fight back.

Further, those pets are gonna be great as proper Bearers and probably a source of cashmere and milk.

But if you think you can ride a dragon, and farm meat with it… no. Not gonna happen.


Good to know. Sorry that i did not find this information myself.

As i did see that the Collector Mount had a person sitting on it i asumed wrong that riding will be an option.

How about we get the thralls to work first?

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For myself, I really couldn’t care less about taming pets.

If you can tame Dragons, good luck ever raiding anyone’s base again.

Huge tribes will have an exterior wall of their base, lined with dragons that you’d have to try and break through and then on the interior of said wall will have even more dragons.

That doesn’t take into account the small things people will tame just to be an annoyance while trying to deal with the main threat. A bunch of spiders, a bunch of sabretooth, a bunch of bears, whatever the case may be.

And since they won’t be mountable and mechanics as they currently exist won’t allow for more than one thing to follow us so whatever tame you bring along with you will be cannon fodder for what you’ll end up running into and then you yourself will also be fodder…or you’ll be forced to tuck your tail and just run away. In all actuality you’ll scout the base from a distance and decide, you know what, not worth my time.

I think Funcom’s pet taming system will be more cosmetic pets, that you can directly control (play as) in the new dungeons.

This would follow the EverQuest influences that Conan Exiles has been having.

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