New to conan and want some advice

Ok so I have owned the game for a while but never really played, I play Ark alot and was wondering what is better in conan than ark? Also can you tame things here and what can you use the tames for if you can? Thanks for any input.

Uhā€¦ Right now Iā€™d have to say nothing. But after everything is patched and working correctly, then many things might be better. Iā€™m sure others will disagree and point out some things I havenā€™t thought of. But for now I canā€™t see anything being better than Ark with how buggy and incomplete the game is.

You can enslave NPCs and use them to assist with crafting, healing, combat, etc. But theyā€™re super buggy right now and will die and disappear all the time. You canā€™t tame animals or other creatures.

Things like this are very common:

I like the building system in Conan a lot better than Ark, and the best part of the game on console is the lack of a global chat. It really makes the game in my opinion, but I am sure they will add one in soon. I have thousands of hours in Ark as well, and Conan has been a really fun break.

Better building system for sure. More obvious story/atmosphere in certain moments if you care about that. Player characters look better :P.

Taming etc is miles better in Ark. The ā€œtamingā€ in Conan Exiles is that you can capture thralls (beat them senseless with a truncheon), drag them home and put them on a wheel where you just wait for them to be done. After that thereā€™s so little interaction with the thralls. Donā€™t have to feed them, canā€™t improve them, etc. Most of them are just put into stations to do things like add recipes or improve craft times. Dancers can be placed for a buff and Archers/Fighters (when not buggy) are like turret defenses for your base. That particular system does not have the depth or interest, IMO, of tames in Ark, and not nearly the diversity of things to tame.

CE is fun and worth trying for a while, fun to explore, but for me didnā€™t hold my attention for nearly as long as Ark.


Oh yeah, definitely.

Same here. I have nearly 2,400 hours in Ark but Iā€™m already done with Conan Exiles.
(I started about two weeks before official release and stopped just over a week agoā€¦, and I spent about a week playing in Feb last year before I was done back then. It was unbearable.)

Just got Breath of the Wild on my PC and have it running at a solid 60 FPS. My attention will be there for a while!

Yeah - Iā€™m at just over 1000 hours in Ark and under 60 in Conan Exiles. The funny part is in CE I have almost all the Steam achievements except level 60 (got too meh and demotivated to do that) whereas in Ark Iā€™m probably not even half done.

Hah nice, enjoy Breath of the Wild. Iā€™ve been having fun with God of War on PS4. So good.

358 hrs in Conan Exiles and 630 hrs in ARK. Both playing ā€˜Hardcore Realisticā€™ on a controlled private serverā€¦meaning no A$$-Hats :smiley:

These are my personal opinions of course and I have extended Conan Exiles further than it should have gone by at least 150 Hrs. In ARK I had a really nice Adventuring Outpost/Hotel private server that had a decent honor bound trading system. It was a lot of fun heading out for trophies and tackling the server run events. It added a lot to the game. The first 20-30 levels in ARK are much more intenseā€¦and can be really frustrating if not really careful on where you decide to build. It is REALLY important NOT to build right away. Just keep moving until you find that spot the predators are not usually around and will not maul your abode. In Conan Exilesā€¦basically just find a spot and start buildingā€¦then find another and build there too. There is just no challengeā€¦so it gets old once you built your place and have it decorated how you want. Of lateā€¦besides some testing and forum posts I just donā€™t feel like playing. Been thinking of firing up ARK again but happy playing Age of Conan for awhile.

Pros CE

  • Characters are much better in CE
  • Building is better in CEā€¦snapping and such
  • Clothing and Armour is solid and can be mixed and matched
  • By level 40-ish any armour is viableā€¦Light, Medium, Heavy to use in combatā€¦even Nude is viable.
  • New Combat Animations are really solidā€¦butā€¦see cons
  • Beautiful Artist Friendly Lore-ish Hyboria. Great for some nice screenshots
  • Good for RP once many of the Emotes are unlocked by visiting the locations

Cons CE

  • It is a Real Theme Park with Boring Rides
  • New Combat Animations and Very Poor AI make NPCs/Hostiles laughable
  • Have to visit locations to ā€˜Unlockā€™ even common emotes? Specialty onesā€¦Okā€¦but not common ones.
  • Theme Park locations appear to be place holders for ā€˜Drink Napkin Ideasā€™ā€¦it is an empty shell
  • Far too many bugs and lots of bugs are tied to how much your ā€˜Rigā€™ is handling the game
  • Lazy programming and lack of thoughtful ideas through implementation

Pros ARK

  • Dinos! :smiley:
  • Brutal and rewarding start to survival
  • Dino animations and AI are actually not badā€¦some clipping issues but mainly ā€˜good enoughā€™
  • Get mentally attached to your Dinos
  • Beautiful environments to exploreā€¦and dangerous!
  • Building is solid with the mod Structures Plus S+
  • Bow hunting is very well done
  • Swimming is fun
  • Harvesting with ā€˜Pack Dinosā€™ is rather enjoyable

Cons ARK

  • I find the Primal and Tech mechanics combined just do not make senseā€¦prefer the Primal side of ARK
  • Lazy and Stubborn developer that uses mods as an excuse not to make the built in right
  • Weather and Temperature make no sense in most locations and wild swings
  • Characters are barely acceptable (people make some really awkward looking avatars as well)
  • Character Animations (except the Bow, Swimming, and most Dino riding) are amateur
  • No character voice at allā€¦just synthetic nonsense
  • RP in this game is near impossible

great list for pros and cons spot onā€¦

the lack of challenge in CE is what killing itā€¦ before the combat update it was much harsher, yet was still not that challengingā€¦

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