GAME BREAKING BUG (Going through map endlessly for every player in the desert)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [BUG]
Region: [UE]

[Game breaking bug, can’t even play on my server]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just play the game and walk in the desert, do anything you want and you’ll start going through the map, and respawn in the desert then go through the map again and again, and again, endlessly, can’t do anything about it.

Admin commands can’t do anything against this bug … It’s like there is no ground anymore in the deserts, so game is unplayable if you die early in the game, fun game, fun game, i like to be able to go through the map so i can watch my character respawn and fall for a lot of hours :3

Already wiped my complete server to try fix this bug, didn’t change anything, still unplayable for everyone.

Does this happen on Official servers or just your own?
Does it happen to you in SIngle Player mode?
How many buildings are in the area needing to be built/displayed, if at the start, I would imagine this is zero.
What spec machine are you using and the spec of the server if you know it?

I think we’ve all had a few occasions where this has happened, but normally resolves itself once the local environment gets built but not for more than a few seconds.

I have a tower base. Yesterday I respawned at my bed, to fall to the ground and hear that crunch as your legs break, a second or two later I was back at the top of my tower where my bed is, taken damage, but was able to walk from there. It always takes a few seconds to built my house when i respawn.