Game breaking bugs, Thralls falling through your bases/ground and plummeting to their deaths in the cyberunderworld

Game mode: Online PVP Official 1548 (America servers)
Problem: Bugs
Region: NY

I am encountering multiple bugs, the most annoying is my thralls falling through the base floor and ground to their deaths in the world below the map. This occured immediately after the update earlier yesterday(EST). Thralls killed by this should appear without a killer but listed in the event log. Another one I’d like to bring up is the broken journal and map issue, of which the journal is reset but nothing can be completed, and the map is completely wiped but locations discover-able.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: Falling Thralls

  1. Have a base well elevated, in my case the raised rocked behind the sentinals.
  2. Have a thrall standing on sandstone foundation before the update
  3. Apply the update/patches and wait.
  4. It should hit thralls randomly. For reference see my event log in the listed server.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: Reset and broken journal and map

  1. Log into a server with a pre-existing character and you will see journals reset but not fulfillable and map completely cleaned.
  2. By resetting your bed/respawn and killing your character this seems to fix it.

Kind of similar thing happened to my thralls too. Everytime I remove a block from my base (black ice) all my thralls in that area start falling through the floor and fall to their deatch

This is happening to me in Single Player as well. Lost two T4s and a T3 from a new Stone Brick base I was building atop the cliffs by Dagon’s Eye. Using Ghost mode, I was able to rescue a couple archers and dancers that were lodged inside of walls, but the named thralls were a loss. Suppose I can just use admin to respawn them, but if this had happened during a Purge, I probably wouldn’t have noticed until it was too late.

Speaking of archers (one of the T4s was one), even before the patch I was having problems like this. Even though the base is primarily Stone Brick, I like to top the walls with the Reinforced Stone crenelations so the archers have a better view (as opposed to shooting into a fence). Still, it seems like they always end up on the ground outside the base, often lodged in the wall at terrain level. I realize that the NPC AI in this game is very rudimentary, but this is still VERY annoying.

EDIT: Aaand just observed the OP’s bug as well when I made the mistake of destroying a non-structural wall section. The moment I did, all of the thralls on my screen fell clear thru the base, thru the terrain, and out of the map — no ghosting them back from that! >.< Thankfully, tralls further away than about 3-4 blocks seem to have stayed put.

EDIT 2: I take back the 3-4 block radius comment. Some thralls on the far side of my base are halfway down the cliffside now, while other closer thralls guarding the front gate are still on the square foundations where I left them. Having a hard time figuring out what the pattern is. :-\

It’s funny, flying defunct Thralls still exist, but actual thralls keep falling to the bottoms of bases. I have an even worse issue, not only are my archers and dancers doomed but when I just logged in I fell and logged in… inside a wall at the bottom of my base… I literally cant play the game without destroying my building.

Yeah I to will end up at the very bottom of my base within several layers of foundation, my thralls have fallen to the bottom of the base and any attempt at moving them has resulted in them falling through the basic ground level and dying to fall presumably at the world below the map. Just today my archer thralls were all spawned outside of one of my outpost swimming in the water. Anyone know when if at all this is going to be patched?

Good news is that the thralls aren’t falling through the floor anymore, bad news is that despite frequent activity from me and my clan storing thralls for a day we can place them again, the entire base was deleted. I’m currently on a wheel of pain myself with the help system in figuring out what happened.