Game-breaking lag making game near unplayable last 2 days

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [America, Official PS4 PvP Server #3892]

For the last couple of weeks things have been fine, including after the update, but in the last two, almost three days, the lag kicks in shortly after raid hours. And it always seems to start immediately after someone starts attacking another clan, as if it were on purpose. I’ve been off and on for nearly 8 hours today, mostly on, and have not had ANY lag issues, with the same server population nearly all day. Then at 6pm an hour into raid time it just goes to hell. We cannot attack other players, can occasionally be attacked by them, they can stack cripple and bleed until the cows come home even if they dont do direct damage, I still have to walk away slowly to a map table and hope I have enough food and set potions to survive. Then NPCs as well just gang up on you without attacking sometimes causing you to be trapped in the middle of them unable to move. Something is going on on this server, and it wasnt until the last couple days when a couple new clans joined. Tried to go attack with bombs, no words on screen telling me theyre not on a placeable area, or not aligned, yet it still wont let me place them, I walk away from their base about 20 foundation lengths and boom, i can place bombs.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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