Game breaking URGENT

**Game mode:: (Online official | Online private | Single-player)]
Type of issue: : Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Server type: PVP
Region: [All]

This need to be address ASAP:
because of the current dupe at server reset combine with dismantling bench infinite material is completely ■■■■■■ . Some clan can spam infinite building around OB and important location and server looks like junkyard… and prevent honest player to enjoy the game god can be dupe to such an extent it ridiculous.

and for conqueror clan to join server build under mesh everywhere safely until their are ready to attack.

now on pvp aspect its getting out control the 4th hit combo its being abuse you basically lost 90% hp plus 2xcripple/bleed and that on the first hit.
some full clan are using hit because usually their really bad at pvp.
starting @ 1min 08 sec you can notice status effect on 1st hit bleed and cripple plus insane damage

Funcum when you will act ???

we refuse to use those to continue the fight but sometime its frustrating .


Enemy is Really bad at pvp xD it im fighting this guys im pvp god by now xD

really? ive put this video cause it was recent and so obvious of the exploit… you can tell the lack of skill but get saved by cripple bleed effect, without it they surely get wreck .

I would highly advise you to read this How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ), because it seems you did not.

because after multiple week of reporting and no action, highlight must be shown if you remove this post ill spam it on social media so.

its not because you look away from an accident the accident wont happen…

i am here to share with people so they understand how they get killed so quickly …


and this post is to discuss how people feels about it and if funcom have a major plan to fix this or when it will happen?

I would highly advise you start playing on PVP official server … and talk to me about it

Multiple week of reporting and you think they are doing nothing?

You’re threatening nobody here.

Share properly then. And it’s all mighty of you to think that people can’t understand on their own… Especially when it has been reported already.

This part of the forum isn’t to talk about how people feels, but to report and solve bugs.

Does Funcom will let an exploit ruin their business? Ask yourself.

Do you think that funcom, or any game devellopers will give you a date as of when a bug will be solved? Ask yourself.

I already did, and i’m sure of one thing: it’s not by doing an unclear post with an innacurate video and your drama, that it will bring the solution faster.

How to be a pro PC bug hunter (PLEASE READ) Read it and make proper posts about the issues you’re having, that’s how it will move forward!



  1. my post do not threaten anyone if you feels threaten by it you officially do not play on PVP server…(and probably get offended easily)

  2. I share the way I want because its a free world and I think its suited for online forum name PC update bug (should be called bug ) because the updade on fix are lacking…

  3. If funcom will let an exploit ruin their business… I hope not that being said so explain me why those bug are not getting fix? its not like no one know for more than 2 month…… maybe more

4.innacurate video really did not get to my point to do you really play ??? cant you notice that does make sense to cripple bleed on first hit with a spear

you are clearly mad because truth hurt.

and being a PC pro bug hunter… LOL …. please share with everyone all those report from month ago that getting fixed ( not ) make you a pro **

except trying to silence people so no one see the obvious flaws

Thank you! sorry for the English (not my 1st language) but I try
and Viguiry I still love you .image

Those words arn’t a threat for you?

No you don’t, you have to follow a set of rules so everyone or at least the support team can understand and react as the best they can.

You seem to forget that some people are working hard everyday to bring those fixs. In the end it’s just your personnal opinion.

They are getting fixed, but if you had the smallest knowledge on coding, or even how a business works, you would know that not everything is solved in one night.

Your video is 7min long, with some contents that are not about the bug you are reporting. You think that their support team have the time to watch your video and find which part is relevant or not? Make a video of 5 secondes (as short as possible) showing only the bug and how it is done.


I don’t understand what you wrote here, please rephrase it.

You’re saying that I’m trying to silence you?


i have also been reporting this bug for a long time now since the backspace x bug that one got fix but they found a new way to do it by 4th attack emote + backspace x


You seem to forget that some people are working hard everyday no i dont. But its seems that we clearly dont work in same business area, because i would have take action way before it get out of control…

  • plus you seems to forget that i paid for a product as customer and expect some level of bug free game.

  • if you read my 1st post i say 1 min 08 sec you can see the cripple bleed

  • But Viguiry thank you for proving my point at multiple occasion

  • BTW as a customer should i be the one fixing the game and be more of a PRO hunter… see where i go with this.

  • would like to buy a car and i would say there a lot problem just report them in private but i cant tell if it we will fix it but people are working on it …meanwhile you might crash or something will broke…

viguiry if you are not on a pvp server playing please dont respond because you cant understand

Thank you! sorry for the English (not my 1st language) but I try

There are bug hunting processes and there are demonstrations for the benefit of the bug-hunting community. Once again, @North, thanks for helping me understand what I’m seeing on PvP officials and on foreign streams.

This is a false analogy. You can’t fall asleep at the wheel of Conan Exiles and crash into a busy supermarket.

A better frame of reference is through creative software that one needs for his job. Envision a photo suite, a drawing tool, an audio editor, a video suite – none of them without bugs. During my professional use of these tools I uncover issues and forward them, without accolade or credit, to their Support department. Occasionally when I report a tool-breaking bug I am rewarded with discounts, or free software coupons for friends and family. We expect bug-free software, but only through our activism can it be accomplished.


Right, making nice speculations!

You paid a product “as is” and your expectation might differ from reality.

Exacly, make the support team’s work harder than what it is already, instead of just editing your video.
But then you’re surprised that they take time?

Please, make quotes, how are we supposed to know what you’re talking about here?

By hunting bugs, you’re not fixing the game, you’re helping the develloper who fix the game. Overall it helps everyone to have a better gaming experience. You have no obligations to do so, but if you do, try to do it properly.

If you crash though you knew your car had an oil issue, you would not be able to sue whoever sold you this car because you bought the car “as is”(and it would be written in the terms that you can’t sue the company for problems that might occur after the sell). Why don’t you try to get your money back from Funcom?

I never said to report bugs privately?

Thanks for sharing. The funny thing is people aren’t seeing the obvious…NOT ONE PERSON IS WEaRAING ARMOR!!! And the poor chap who did got toasted like he had none anyways. This video should be given to the combat team, and ask a serious question. Is this the combat you designed and envisioned? Naked with spears? That basically makes all other weapons and armors outside of enc +9’s PVE only.

I have seen people in my gladiator battles (where i decide weapons and armor to try and see something other than poke fests) choose no armor when the option is med or heavy for those fights… Because the movement far out ways the defense of armor. I understand there is skill, but then there is cheese. 2 level 60’s same weapon, same similar specs, and the no armor guy can cheese the movement over taking hits.


What I really don’t like about this video is the music. Why have these kids never time to get a proper theme for their footage, but take all effort to find a glitch instead of just playing the game? :man_shrugging:t3:

The only thing far worse is the hiphop crap played during MK11 Trailer (not the release trailer!).

A little realism would go a long way. Stabbing someone with a pike who wears no fully covered heavy armor should be fatal even with “heals”. I.e Dafari armor and light armor in general should be nerfed into the ground unless you’re going for a berserker glass cannon.

Nobody should be able to take a stab to the chest with a pike and just run away to “heal”.
Heals need to be nerfed too (ie no eating or healing in an active fight unless you stop and make the proper animations and wait 2 minutes basically) but then I suppose that ruins vitality 4 and 5 perks.

As for the current exploits, theres no fixing it at this point. The damage is done. Either wipe all the official pvp servers or let it slide. Dismantling benches was a QA failure but lots of people are loving it too lol.
No lies though everyone also loves having glitched bubbles. I’m kind of thinking semi permanent bubbles should actually be a thing. Its already a huge PITA getting arch priest anyways and nobody has time to sit there and grind up zeal. It burns out players who already have so much crap to do anyways.

WOW! That beat is jamming. What song is that?

If it wasn’t reality, it would be funny to just name the game Conan Offline. In theory, you only need to grind to get leveled so you can build a dismantle bench, flip some tar, and on occasion go out for brimstone, crystal and demon blood. Then stay in you r small base andand dupe until you have what you need to offline raid. So i guess the combat doesn’t need fixing, as 90% of the time, you will never even come across another player to fight:). And at worst, you may run into a late log in mid raid. But just naked bomb them. At some point, though, why raid other than to troll or grief. Part of raid style warfare is looting. The game is turning more into attack because you are bored. And why wipe, because give them 1 week, and they will have a new black ice castle form the exploit.

But who needs a castle when you have a pillar bubble base with 5 massive walls around it? Or a base built at the highest reaches of the build limit? Or stashes under the map? Or my personal favorite of building bases surrounded by water and using the over encumbered build to quickly squash your enemies in the water simply by climbing on them or swimming next to them?

Naked bombing is also a thing that should be easily preventable by increasing the cool down exponentially every time you die, but nope not in Conan. Exploits and cheese is pretty much the meta and that’s not even counting excessively toxic players who do anything and everything inside and outside the game to try and get you to quit their server so they can claim “victory” and move on to the next server to wipe.


One way to make naked bombing risky, is if you die before you can detonate, then anyone can the bombs can be picked up by anyone. You kill them, then scoop the bombs because you earned them.

I agree, the whole over-encumbrance deal is BS as well. Just keep a vault of leather, scoop all in enc, and then climb on someone in the water.

Here in lies the problem, finding glitches and exploiting has become the way to survive on official PVPs. we can all ignore it and believe a majority of players would take the higher road of “sportsmanship” but this is the same community (online competitive gaming) that came up with a way to simulate tea bagging a downed opponent.

So the OP working on figuring out the glitch as opposed to just up and quitting is his way of surviving Conan Exiles.