Game-client crashes when dedicated server is password protected

I’ve installed the dedicated server per the instructions at
(i also tried with SteamCMD)

I tried with and without -multihome tag to the start.bat (only get the server to be visible for me with the multihome tag).

I added the two.exe’s in windows firewall so it will allow traffic from and to the server.

now, when connecting to the server (LAN, another PC). The client crashes with an error message:
The UE4-ConaSandbox Game has crashed and will… (dont see anymore than that in the window list)
Fatal Error!

When removing the server password i can connect to the server again.
But as soon as i add a server password the client crashes when connecting and gives the error message above.

Tried adding the server password string to either engine and serversettings, same result on both .ini

anyone got any ideas?

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