Game completely frozen, only restarting the PC fixes the problem

The following problem, which I have had irregularly for a few weeks.

In the beginning my game froze when changing tabs. I was able to solve this and it doesn’t happen anymore.

Now the game freezes without changing tabs. But the result is the same. I can switch back and forth between the tabs, I just can’t call up any more tabs, the screen then stays black. If e.g. Youtub or a video is running in the background, I can still hear it, I just can no longer access it via tab. I also no longer have the option to open or close the Conan tab.

I can only log out of the PC via ctrl+alt-del and log in again.

This all happens in the most different situations. I’m in my base where a lot of thralls are running around. So it’s busy and the PC gets stressed. The whole thing happens but sometimes if I do nothing at all. I sit somewhere on a rock, look at the sky and eat something at home or just wait to pass the time. Suddenly the game froze.

This usually only happens after I’ve played for a long time. but today it happened when i was moving a crate and i wasn’t even ingame for 15 minutes.

So it doesn’t seem to matter how much PC or memory is used, where it is, or how long I’m online. It even happens in the middle of a fight where I then have to empty the entire enemy camp again or even if you don’t do anything at all.

It is also the case that this error occurs more and more frequently. In the beginning you could play 2-3 days without frezzes, then suddenly it was daily, then several times a day and now after a short time.

And it’s getting annoying.

This problem only occurs in Conan Exiles and in no other application or game.

I would like to attach a log file, but as a new user you can’t upload something like that (what nonsense!!! - It could help) Excerpt is too long, there aren’t enough characters…

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: ModControlPanel.pak 300.pak ArmorStats_in_Bench.pak AquilonianFemales.pak Navigator.pak QoL.pak UIMod_Hosav.pak Hesruks_Map_Markers.pak LargerStacks.pak Music_Barrel.pak Ideapoet_EditAppearance.pak LowerMonsterHPSolo.pak PRN_NPCEquipmentLoot.pak Immersion.pak Pythagoras_Support_Beams.pak IceblockBuildKit.pak Asghaard_Desert_Town.pak Emberlight.pak DLK-Decor.pak BetterThralls.pak Happy_Little_Trees.pak PetsAndThrallsLevel.pak SerenaBadlands.pak LBPR_Collision_Update_Add_On.pak No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak Pickup+.pak UnlockableContainers.pak

Bug Description:

Game completely frozen, only restarting the PC fixes the problem

Bug Reproduction:

cannot be reproduced, happens in a wide variety of situations

PC Informations

Hersteller: To be filled by O.E.M.
Modell: To be filled by O.E.M.
Formfaktor: Desktop
Keine Touch-Eingabe erkannt

CPU-Hersteller: AuthenticAMD
CPU-Marke: AMD FX-8370E Eight-Core Processor
CPU-Familie: 0x15
CPU-Modell: 0x2
CPU-Stepping: 0x0
CPU-Typ: 0x0
Geschwindigkeit: 3576 MHz
8 logische Prozessoren
4 technische Prozessoren
HyperThreading: Unterstützt
FCMOV: Unterstützt
SSE2: Unterstützt
SSE3: Unterstützt
SSSE3: Unterstützt
SSE4a: Unterstützt
SSE41: Unterstützt
SSE42: Unterstützt
AES: Unterstützt
AVX: Unterstützt
AVX2: Nicht unterstützt
AVX512F: Nicht unterstützt
AVX512PF: Nicht unterstützt
AVX512ER: Nicht unterstützt
AVX512CD: Nicht unterstützt
AVX512VNNI: Nicht unterstützt
SHA: Nicht unterstützt
CMPXCHG16B: Unterstützt
LAHF/SAHF: Unterstützt
PrefetchW: Nicht unterstützt

Windows 10 (64 Bit)
NTFS: Unterstützt
Crypto Provider Codes: Unterstützt 311 0x0 0x0 0x0

Treiber: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
DirectX-Treibername: nvldumd.dll
Treiberdatum: 11.8.2022
OpenGL-Version: 4.6
Desktopfarbtiefe: 32 Bit per Pixel
Monitor-Bildwiederholfrequenz: 50 Hz
DirectX-Karte: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Anbieterkennung: 0x10de
Gerätekennung: 0x1c03
Revision: 0xa1
Anzahl der Monitore: 1
Anzahl der logischen Grafikkarten: 1
Kein SLI oder Crossfire erkannt
Prim. Anzeigeauflösung: 1920 x 1080
Desktopauflösung: 1920 x 1080
Prim. Anzeigegröße: 32.28" x 18.11" (37.01" diag)
82.0cm x 46.0cm (94.0cm diag)
Primärer Bus: PCI Express 16x
Primärer VRAM: 6143 MB
Unterstützte MSAA-Modi: 2x 4x 8x

Audiogerät: SHARP HDMI (NVIDIA High Definit

RAM: 32667 MB

VR-Headset: Keines gefunden

Weitere Daten:
UI-Sprache: Deutsch (Deutsch)
Medium: Nicht festgelegt
Verfügbarer Festplattenspeicher insgesamt: 16690963 MB
Größter freier Festplattenspeicherblock: 803916 MB
Betriebssystem Installationsdatum: Jul 17 2022
Spielcontroller: XInput Controller #1 erkannt

Using SSD HD

Hey there!

Could you post your game log as well, maybe that contains some information on the problem
You can just right-click the game in Steam, select Manage → Browse local liles, then navigate to Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Logs\ and you’ll see the files there.

Be sure to trigger the error first and then copy the ConanSandbox.log file before restarting the game, because it gets recreated for each session.

It’s also best if you just upload the whole log to a website like or similar and just post the link here.

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i cant use pastbin. says file tis bigger then 512kb

so ich upload 2 complete logfiles.
this is today’s log file

this must be the log file from last night

h***s → cause i get the message, i cant post links here :confused:

i hope the link will work and help.

thanks Sixx

Yea, that works fine as well, however while there’s all sorts of warnings and errors from the various mods, they’re fine and to be expected for the most part.
There doesn’t appear to be anything specific in there that would cause this.

You probably need to look at the usual suspects with your PC in general.
Check to see if there are any updates to drivers, also if you tab out a lot then I hope you’re using borderless windowed mode and not fullscreen as tabbing in and out of fullscreen is problematic in most cases.

There might be some software running on your computer that is somehow conflicting with the game (known culprits are things like armoury-crate or aisuite from asus etc.) or outdated drivers / software doing periodic updates / searches (anti-virus for example)

As a last resort there is the possibility that your system is slightly unstable, GPUs come factory overclocked nowdays and they even prompt you to install software to further tweak them etc. Sometimes for some games that can be counter-productive though and even if everything else is running fine there’s a chance a slight instability can cause freezes / crashes in which case it’s worth trying to downclock your card a bit with something like msi afterburner etc. - however this is just as a last resort if nothing else helps.

These are all on your side though, however the game also has a fair bit of issues and sometimes doesn’t work equally well for everyone, for chapter 2 a huge amount of bugs have been reportedly fixed so there’s also a chance that it might “auto-fix” itself when the update goes live next week.

Thanks for the answer.
So all drivers should be up to date. The graphics driver in particular is always kept up to date.
Special software does not actually run on my PC. So no AntiVir or tuning tools etc.
What has been running for a long time is the MSI Afterburner. It’s even set for slight overclocking. I’ve actually turned it down now and see how Conan behaves tomorrow.

If necessary, just wait until the update comes on December 6th.

I have the errors in the log again and again and sometimes there are always the same long umpteen entries. The mods themselves run but probably error-free, as far as you can see and judge.

But as I said, I only have this freeze with Conan and no other games. And the bad thing is that I can only unlog from windows. Closing programs or Conan is no longer possible. All tabs have a black screen. Even waiting a long time in the hope that it will recover does not help.

As I said, changing tabs is no longer a problem. That’s completely gone. It’s only ingame.

Then that might actually be a contributing factor! just bump it down with ~30 Mhz and see if it happens again.

They throw up a lot of warnings and errors, however they’re not the problematic type, some are due to the mods themselves, some are due to basegame bugs and some simply work that way.

For example you’re getting a large spam of warnings from the mod that changes all the enemy HP etc because it has to go through every NPC and rewrite their stats and every time it does that there’s a warning line in the log, or some mods try to spawn an NPC that’s not in the database so they just can’t spawn it, but these are totally fine and it’s not going to cause freezes or crashes.
So basically the log is fine, nothing problematic there.

Anyway, yea you could just try testing with a slightly lower clockrate on the GPU and if that won’t help either then it’s probably worth waiting till the update at this point to see if that’ll fix it

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Such a short feedback.

I changed 2 things:

  • Performance throttled via MSI Afterburner
  • and using borderless windowed mode

Played a few hours now and at least none big problems and even though I’m in my base and my village was traveling. And there’s plenty rid of what could burden the PC. 30-40 thralls, standing but also by a mod walking around, the same at the moment about animals.

Wait and see how it goes. I had that before it suddenly freezes again… well…

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